Amazon female warrior.

Amazon female warrior. Ancient costume.

Amazon female warrior in 7th Century B.C.

Amazon female warrior in VIII. Century B.C.

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Costumes historiques de ville ou de théatre et travestissements. Author: Jacques-Jean-Marie-Achille Devéria. Publisher Paris: Goupil et Vibert. Publisher London: Charles Tilt 1831-1839. Printed by: Lemercier & Cie.

(Ancient Egypt, Minoan, Assyria, Roman, Levante fashion history)

Minoan costume. Our Lady Of The Sports.
ContentMinoan costume. Our Lady Of The Sports with male loincloth, Knossos.Chryselephantine Im... Read more
Ancient • Greece • Headdresses
Ancient Minoan • Ancient sculpture
Bust of a Bacchante. Maenad of Dionysiac cycle.
Bust of a Bacchante.Female bust, with the upper part of the head bound round with a fillet. Un... Read more
Ancient • Greece • Hairstyle • Mythology
Ancient Greek headdresses • Ancient sculpture
Ancient Egypt Prince Mantouhichopchf
Portrait of Egypt Prince Mantouhichopchf son of Ramses Miamun (Ramesses II the Great XIXth. Dynast... Read more
Ancient • Egypt • Middle East
Ancient Egypt clothing
Alethe, Priestess of Isis. The Epicurean, by Thomas Moore.
Alethe, Priestess of Isis.The Epicurean, a Tale by Thomas Moore.When Alethe arrived at a sui... Read more
1827 • 19th Century • Ancient • Egypt • Fantasy costumes • Genre • Middle East • Romantic Era
Ancient Egypt clothing • Artist • Character sketches
Pharaoh Merenptah, Mienptah-Hotéphima.
Ancient Egypt costume of Pharaoh Merenptah, Mienptah-Hotéphima.Painting: Portrait of Pharaoh... Read more
Ancient • Egypt • Headdresses • Middle East • Nobility
Ancient Egypt clothing • Crown
Ancient Greek cultural items. The Costumes of all Nations.
Ancient Greek cultural items.1.11. Flambeaux. 2. Mirror. Necklaces. 6.10.13. Armlets. 8... Read more
Ancient • Greece
Albert Kretschmer
Ancient warriors. Life-size figures in full armor.
Ancient warriors. Life-size figures in full armor and equipment. Carl Gimbel Collection.Lif... Read more
10th Century • 4th Century • 5th Century • 6th Century • 9th Century • Ancient • Carolingian • Celts • Germany • Middle Ages • Military
Ancient Greek Costumes • Ancient Military • Ancient Roman Costumes • Knight in Armor • Medieval costume • Merovingian fashion and history
Roman Costumes. Peasants, High Priest, Senator.
From left to right first row:1.2. Peasants 3.4. Roman Travelling Costume 5. Noble Ma... Read more
Ancient • Ecclesiastical Dress • Roman
Albert Kretschmer • Ancient Roman Costumes

  1. Assyrian and Babylonian culture and fashion.
  2. Egyptian costume history.
  3. Minoan costume history.
  4. The Amazons.
  5. Ancient Roman costume history. B.C. 53 to A.D. 450..
  6. Ancient Costumes of the Persians and other Asiatics.
  7. Ancient Costume History of Egyptian, Greek, Roman and others.
  8. The Roman Tunica or Greek Chiton.
  9. The Roman Paenula. The cowl or hood.
  10. On the origin of the pants by Max Marcuse
  11. The Toga and the manner of wearing it.
  12. The Gallic and Gallo-Roman costume period.
  13. The shields of the Gauls. Clans in the Roman Empire.
  14. The Barbarian Invasions. The Migration Period in Europe, 395-527 A. D.
  15. Roman legionary in full armor.
  16. Roman Britain. Maps, Places, Tribes. Historical atlas.
  17. Celt and Roman. History of England 43 BC to 440 AD.
  18. Gallic and Gallo-Roman helmets of Celtic warriors.
  19. The Roman Paenula. The cowl or hood.
  20. Roman, Greece and Egypt. The Corset and the Crinolin fashion history.
  21. Frankish Merovingian costume history. 4th and 5th century.
  22. Byzantine costume history. 5th to 6th century.
  23. The Carolingian fashion period 752-987. Reign of Charlemagne.
  24. The Carolingian Fashion Period 987 to 1270.
  25. Europe in the time of Charles the Great 768 – 814. Maps and Places.
  26. Alfred the Great. The first English king.
  27. King Harold II. Last Anglo-Saxon king of England.
  28. Monachism. Monastic costumes history.
German Baroque costumes 17th century.
German Baroque costumes 17th century. First third of the XVII. Century. Top row left to right: G... Read more
1620 • 17th Century • Baroque • Germany • Military
Baroque fashion • German Military Costume • Münchener Bilderbogen
Arms of the Holy-Empire. German Landsknechte 16th century.
Arms of the Holy-Empire. German Landsknechte 16th century.These two pieces are drawn from the ... Read more
1545 • 16th Century • Germany • Military • Renaissance
German Military Costume • Renaissance era
Light infantry uniform, Drum Major. France 1850
Light infantry uniform, Drum Major. France 1850Illustrated by M. PhilippoteauxInfanterie lég... Read more
1850 • 19th Century • France • Military
French military uniforms • Histoire de l'Armée
Albanian soldier in fustanella during Ottoman Empire.
Albanian soldier in fustanella during Ottoman Empire.From the book: Stamboul, Recollections of E... Read more
19th Century • Albania • Hat • Military • Ottoman Empire
Albanian national costumes • Amadeo Preziosi • Ottoman Empire costumes • Turkish Military Costume
German Renaissance Costume in 1540. 16th century fashion.
German Renaissance Costume, Magistrate and Knight in 1540 Fashion in Germany during the Reformati... Read more
1540 • 16th Century • Germany • Hairstyle • Hat • Headdresses • Middle Ages • Military • Renaissance • Shoes
Camisole • German Military Costume • Renaissance era • Renaissance male clothing
Kyrgyzstan, caucasia soldier costume.
Kyrgyzstan, caucasian soldier costume, 1834.Gallery: Asian costumes by Auguste Wahlen. Manners, ... Read more
19th Century • Asia • Caucasia • Kyrgyzstan • Military
Auguste Wahlen • Traditional Kyrgyz costumes
Knights tournament. 16th century cavalry.
Knights tournament duel jousting. 16th century.Fight Scene during a duel. Heavy cavalry of the ... Read more
16th Century • Germany • Military • Renaissance
De arte athletica • Knight in Armor • Renaissance era
Lucerne Contingent. Switzerland military uniform
John Lang of St. Urban in the Willisauer Office of the Lucerne Contingent.Johannes Lang von St. ... Read more
1792 • 1793 • 1794 • 18th Century • Military • Switzerland
Canton of Lucerne • Costumes militaires des cantons de la Suisse
Byzantine Knight and Chancellor costumes.
Ancient Byzantine Knight and Chancellor. Byzantine Nobility costumes.Related: // < ![CD... Read more
10th Century • Byzantine • Court dress • Headdresses • Middle Ages • Military • Nobility
Byzantine fashion era • Knight in Armor