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Middle ages costumes in 12th Century

Middle Ages hats. 12th to 15th century fashion history.

Middle Ages hats fashion. 12th to 15th century fashion history.

Middle Ages hats fashion.

Middle Ages hats. 12th to 15th century fashion history.

L’histoire du costume féminin français. Les modes du Moyen Age, de l’an 1037 à l’an 1461. Chapeaux. – Planche 5.

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Medieval Persian Tunic. Leonata. 12th Century.

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Persian Tunic 12th century

Persian tunic. 12th c.

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The Crusades history. Teutonic Order of Knighthood.


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Master and Knight of the Teutonic Order

The Knights of the Teutonic Order of Knighthood.

Order of Brothers of the German House of Saint Mary in Jerusalem. History of German Crusaders, 12th Century.

“War, of all bad things Worst, and man’s crowning crime; save when for faith Or freedom waged.” Bailey. Continue reading

Templars. The Second Crusade. 12th century.

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The Knights Templar. Order of the Temple.


The Knights Templar. Medieval Military Religious Orders.

“The firmest bulwark of Jerusalem was founded on the Knights of the Hospital, and of the Temple, the strange association of a monastic and military life.” — Gibbon. Continue reading

Thomas Becket. Archbishop Ecclesiastical Costume.

Chasuble, Mitre, and Stole. Thomas Becket. Bishop Medieval Ecclesiastical Costume.

Chasuble, Mitre, and Stole of Thomas Becket.

Thomas à Becket. Archbishop Ecclesiastical Costume.

Chasuble, Mitre, and Stole of St. Thomas Becket, Archbishop of Canterbury (1117-1170); preserved in the Cathedral of Sens. Cloth and Embroidery of the Twelfth Century.

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Medieval knight in armor. 12th century Germany.

German Knight in armor. 12th century costume. Middle Ages soldier. Gothic Dress.

Knight in armor

Medieval knight in armor. 12th century Germany. Gothic period dress.

On the armor or corslet he wears a surcoat. Hauberk, boiler cap, leg braces, knee tile, almond-shaped shield. The shield is attached to the ankle over the left shoulder. The horse is protected with a harness made of leather. After a miniature in a psalter from the time of Louis the Fat (1108-1137)

Byzantine Dalmatic, Ecclesiastical Costume 12th Century.

Pope Leo III. clothing. Byzantine Dalmatic 12th Century costume. Ecclesiastical dresses.

Byzantine Dalmatic Twelfth Century

Byzantine Dalmatic, Ecclesiastical Costume

Byzantine Dalmatic, said to have belonged to Leo III., but probably dating from the Twelfth Century, preserved in the Treasury of St. Peter’s at Rome. Upon this garment, which is of dark-blue silk, are several designs embroidered in gold and colours. The most remarkable is one upon the front representing Christ in his glory. Seated upon a rainbow, with his feet upon two circles of fire and the right hand stretched out, he holds in his left the New Testament, which is open at the following passage: “Come unto me, ye chosen of my Father.” Above his head is seen the cross with the crowns of thorns. Around him is a choir of angels, the Virgin, the saints, David and Solomon, the bishops and the religious orders; below, to the right and to the left, St. John the Baptist, and Abraham receiving the souls of the just; above, on the two shoulders, Jesus is giving the Holy Communion to tho Apostles, the wine being administered on one side and the bread on the other.

The Carolingian Fashion Period 987 to 1270.

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French queens costumes 10th to 11th century

The Carolingian Fashion Period 987 to 1270.

Table of content

Earliest times of the Carolingian period — Variety of costume in the provinces — Fashions in the Duchy of France — French taste dating from the eleventh century — Luxury increases with each generation — The dominical —The “bliaud” — Canes of apple-wood — Women in the twelfth century — Headdresses — “Afiche” — Serpent-tails — Pelisses — The thirteenth century — “Greves” and veils are in fashion — The “couvre-chef” in the fourteenth century — The skirt, or “cotte-hardie,” surcoat, or overall, or overskirt, cape, trained skirt, and “gauze” — Accessories — Emblazoned gowns — Various kinds of stuffs.
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Middle Ages fashion history in Germany.


Medieval Gothic costumes, Middle Ages fashion history. 12th century fashion

12th century clothing. Nobility, Pope, Jewish, Crusader

Middle Ages fashion history in Germany.

11th to 13th century.
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