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Costumes and Fashion during the 15th century. Fashion of the late Gothic, Italian Renaissance.
Heyday of the Burgundian fashion.

Lackey runner XV century. According to a colored print of 1567.

Lackey runner costume. 15th century clothing. Renaissance era.

Lackey runner XV century.

Lackey runner 15th century. According to a colored print of 1567.

Laquais coureur au XV siècle. D’après une estampe coloriée de 1567.

From the book: Costumes civils et militaires des Français à travers les siècles. 1883. Author: Jean Baptiste Marie Augustin Challamel. Engraver: Meunier, Jean-Baptiste. Ouvrage couronné par l’Académie francaise.

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King Henry VII. The Tudor. Pictures and Royal Portraits.

England King Henry VII. Tudor Coronation costume

Henry VII.. From the picture in the new Palace of Westminster.

King Henry the VII. The Tudor.

Henry the Seventh was less than thirty years old when the victory at Bosworth placed him on the English throne. Continue reading

Pierre du Terrail, Chevalier de Bayard.

Pierre du Terrail. knight Chevalier Bayard.

Pierre du Terrail. Chevalier Bayard.

Pierre du Terrail, Chevalier de Bayard. Medieval Knights armor. 15th century. Knight shining armor

Death of the Pierre du Terrail, Chevalier de Bayard.

Pierre du Terrail, Chevalier de Bayard.

PIERRE DU TERRAIL, chevalier de Bayard (about 1473 at Castle Bayard at Grenoble; † April 30, 1524), the Chevalier sans peur et sans reproche (“The Knight in shining armor”), began his career by serving as page to the Duke of Savoy, and was knighted in 1494 for his bravery in capturing a standard at the battle of Fornova.
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Switzerland medieval costumes. 15th century.

Switzerland medieval costumes. 15th century fashion.

The Count, Countess, the lawyer, the bourgeois, bourgeois and their son, Jew.

Switzerland medieval costumes. 15th century.

The Count, Countess, the lawyer, the bourgeois, bourgeois and their son, Jew.

Artist: Ferdinand Seré (1818-1855).
Lithographer: E. I. Hangard-Maugé.

Le comte, la comtesse, le jurisconsulte, le bourgeois, la bourgeoise et leur fils, Juif. “Extraits de la Danse des Morts, de la Ville de Bâle. Exemplaire colorié de la Bible de Royen (Fonds Leber).”

From the book: Les arts somptuaires: Histoire du costume et de l’ameublement et des arts et industries qui s’y rattachent. Paris: Hangard-Maugé, 1858. Author: Charles Louandre (1812-1882).

Clémence Isaure, Jeux Floraux of Toulouse

.Clémence Isaure. Medieval Troubadours. French Renaissance costume

Clémence Isaure

Clémence Isaure

Clémence Isaure is a semi-legendary medieval character, who is credited with the foundation or restoration of Jeux Floraux of Toulouse. The legend says that Clémence Isaure born in 1464 in Toulouse, was determined by a vow to her mother as nun, but loved by Raoul, the natural son of the Count of Toulouse, who lived in a neighboring home. Soon the lovers agreed; but the mother’s vow mindful to Isaure allowed no conversation; only flowers placed in the column of the Wall, indicated their feelings. Raoul fell soon afterwards in the Battle of Guinegate, Isaure became a nun, but renewed in memory of her love the Jeux floraux and dedicated her assets to this foundation. The ode which she wrote on the occasion of the first prize distribution, she acquired the name of Sappho of Toulouse.