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Costumes and Fashion during the 15th century. Fashion of the late Gothic, Italian Renaissance.
Heyday of the Burgundian fashion.

William Caxton and the art of printing.

William Caxton. England printing history. Medieval clothing.

Introduction of the art of printing.
Caxton reading the first proof sheet from his printing press in the Almonry, Westminster Abbey, March 1474

William Caxton and the art of printing.

The revolution which had been effected by war, by changes of dynasties, by the partial admission of the commons to a voice in legislation, was succeeded by a still mightier influence than any of these could exert. A power had arisen before which all others were to give place. Slowly but surely the growth of intelligence and the increase of knowledge contributed to human freedom, and to that eager desire for liberty which inevitably followed when people had learned to think for themselves and to discard the fetters imposed by those who, while they alone possessed the means of intellectual culture, strove to fetter the consciences and control the destinies of men. Continue reading

Jack Cade and his insurrection. English history 1450.

Jack Cade. Rebellion. England history.

Lord Saye and Sele brought before Jack Cade.

Jack Cade and his insurrection.

Jack Cade, assuming the name John Mortimer; (died July 12, 1450 in Heathfield, East Sussex) was an English rebel against the policies of Henry VI, which contributed to the breakdown of royal authority, that led to the Wars of the Roses (1455–85) between the houses of York and Lancaster. He appeared to history out of nowhere in the spring of 1450 and led an army against London. After the capture and sack of London, the rebels were defeated and dispersed in a battle at London Bridge. Continue reading

Lackey runner XV century. According to a colored print of 1567.

Lackey runner costume. 15th century clothing. Renaissance era.

Lackey runner XV century.

Lackey runner 15th century. According to a colored print of 1567.

Laquais coureur au XV siècle. D’après une estampe coloriée de 1567.

From the book: Costumes civils et militaires des Français à travers les siècles. 1883. Author: Jean Baptiste Marie Augustin Challamel. Engraver: Meunier, Jean-Baptiste. Ouvrage couronné par l’Académie francaise.

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King Richard III and the young princess.

England King King Richard III. Plantagenets. 15th century clothing

The sons of Edward IV parted from their mother, by Richard Duke of Gloucester, June 16th 1483. Engraved by W. Ridgway from the painting by N. Gosse of Paris.

King Richard III (1452-1485)  and the young princess.

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King Henry VII. The Tudor.

England King Henry VII. Tudor Coronation costume

Henry VII.. From the picture in the new Palace of Westminster.

King Henry the VII. The Tudor.

Henry the Seventh was less than thirty years old when the victory at Bosworth placed him on the English throne. Continue reading

Pierre du Terrail, Chevalier de Bayard.

Pierre du Terrail. knight Chevalier Bayard.

Pierre du Terrail. Chevalier Bayard.

Pierre du Terrail, Chevalier de Bayard. Medieval Knights armor. 15th century. Knight shining armor

Death of the Pierre du Terrail, Chevalier de Bayard.

Pierre du Terrail, Chevalier de Bayard.

PIERRE DU TERRAIL, chevalier de Bayard (about 1473 at Castle Bayard at Grenoble; † April 30, 1524), the Chevalier sans peur et sans reproche (“The Knight in shining armor”), began his career by serving as page to the Duke of Savoy, and was knighted in 1494 for his bravery in capturing a standard at the battle of Fornova.
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Company and friendship. The knight and the lady. 15th century.

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The knight and the lady. Company and friendship.

Company and friendship. The knight and the lady. 15th century.

XVe siècle en France. Compagnie et, amitié.

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