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Rococo hairstyle. Comtesse de Parabère. Coiffure Louis XV

French Historical hairdos. Rococo fashion and hairstyles

Coiffure Louis XV.

Coiffure Louis XV. Comtesse de Parabère. Rococo hairstyle.

Marie Madeleine de la Vieuville, comtesse de Parabère (1693-1755). Mistress of regent Philippe d’Orléns. „Album de coiffures histories“ by E. Nissy. Published 1890 by Albert Brunet. Ancien Régime, Rococo period hairstyle.

“La Toilette” by François Bouche, 1742.

French rococo costumes. Style and Dresses in France during the Baroque and Rococo period.

“La Toilette” by François Bouche, 1742 .

French rococo costumes. “La Toilette” by François Bouche, 1742.

The famous painting, “La Toilette”, in 1742 by François Boucher (1703 – 1770) shows an intimate scene from everyday life of the rococo in exceptional detail.
A young aristocratic lady dresses with the help of her maid. The whole scene is painted in the style of a photographic snapshot and renounces representative stylization.