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Maxuruna. Brazilian indigenous tribesman.

Maxuruna, facial piercings, Jaguar people, Brazil, Matis indians, Maxuruna, indigenous tribesman,

Maxuruna. A Brazil indigenous tribesman of the Matis indians, known as Jaguar people.

Maxuruna. Peruvian indigenous tribesman.

From the journey undertaken by the author with Johann Baptist Ritter von Spix (1781-1826), between 1817 and 1820. South America, 19th century.

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Manfred and Astarte by Lord Byron

Lord Byron. Manfred and Astarte. English Romanticism. The Black Romance.

Manfred and Astarte

Manfred and Astarte

THE spirit of Astarte, Manfred’s lost love, appears to him. He addresses her.
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