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Peasant costumes from Archangelsk, Novgorod, Russia.

Arkhangelsk, Oblast, Russia, Peasant, costume, fashion history

Peasant costume from Arkhangelsk Oblast, Russia 1912.

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Agnès-Drecoll. Robe d’après-midi en crêpe de Chine noir.

Agnès-Drecoll, Art Deco, fashion history, costume, haute couture, France

Robe d’après-midi en crêpe de Chine noir, 1932.

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The European Grand Prix at the Circuit de Lyon 1924

Grand Prix, Georges Dœuillet, Jeanne Lanvin, Jean Patou, Premet, Art deco, Fashion history, 1920s, costumes

From left to right: Jeanne Lanvin, Jean Patou, Premet, Jeanne Lanvin, Premet, Jean Patou, Georges Dœuillet, Jeanne Lanvin, Premet

Le Grand Prix D’Europe au Circuit de Lyon.

The European Grand Prix at the Circuit de Lyon 1924
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The four Grand Duchesses of the House of Romanov.

Grand Duchesses, Grand Duchess, Romanov, Russia, Maria, Tatjana, Anastasia, Olga, Nikolaevna Romanova,

The four Grand Duchesses Maria, Tatjana, Anastasia, Olga.

The four Grand Duchesses, photographed about 1914.

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Sarah Bernhardt. French actress

Sarah Bernhardt, French actress,Portrait, Théodora, Victorian fashion

Bernhardt as Théodora (1900) in the drama of the same name by Victorien Sardou

Sarah Bernhardt (1844-1923)

Sarah Bernhardt (actually Marie Henriette Rosine Bernardt) was a French actress. She is considered the most famous actress of her time and was one of the first world stars.
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Viuda Rica Coiffure. Toro, Zamora Spain

España, Viuda Rica Coiffure, Toro, Zamora, Spain,

Viuda Rica Coiffure

Viuda Rica Coiffure

Toro, Zamora

Toro is a small Spanish town in the province of Zamora in the Autonomous Community of Castile-León.

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Spain coiffure with Mono and Rizos. Knot and Curls.

spain, costume, coiffure, espagnol, hairdress, rizos, curls, girl

Coiffure with mono and rizos


Montehermoso, Cáceres.

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An Argentine Gaucho in full costume, wearing the chiripa.

Argentine Gaucho, costume, dress, traditional, chiripa,over-trousers, bolas

A Vanishing Figure.

A Vanishing Figure. An Argentine Gaucho 1915.

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Ensembles of Bernard & Cie and Ardanse.

Bernard & Cie, Ardanse, haute couture, france, art-deco fashion

Left: Ardanse. Right: Bernard & Cie

Ensembles of Bernard & Cie and Ardanse.

Page of the fashion magazine Art-Goût-Beauté (1920-1933).

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Création Chanel. Dress worn by Princess Dimitri.

Chanel, Dress, haute couture, vintage, art-deco

Création Chanel 1932. Dress for afternoon-evening.

Création Chanel 1932

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