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Gallic Headdresses. Merovingian.

Headdresses, Gallic, Headdress, gaul, merovingian, fashion history

GAUL Plate 7. Gallic Headdresses.

Gallic Headdresses. Merovingian fashion era.

Part XII. – GAUL Plate 7.
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Gallic fabrics and embroideries. Merovingian fashion.

gaul, ancient, Gallic fabrics, merovingian,embroideries, fashion, history, Paul-Louis de Giafferri

Fabrics and embroideries. The comfortable costumes of the Gauls.

Gallic fabrics and embroideries.

Gaul Plate 8.
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Ancient Gallic Footwear. Merovingian fashion history

Ancient, merovingian, footwear, fashion, history, Paul-Louis de Giafferri

Gallic Footwear.

Gallic Footwear.

Gaul Plate 9.
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Fashionable Gallic women. Merovingian costumes.

costumes, Gallic women, celt, Merovingian fashion history, Paul-Louis de Giafferri

Fashionable Gallic women.

Fashionable Gallic women. Gauls, Merovingian costume history.

GAUL Plate 1.
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Ancient Gallic cloaks. Merovingian fashion history.

Ancient Gallic cloaks, Gauls, dresses, fashion, Merovingian costume history, Paul-Louis de Giafferri

Gallic cloaks.

Gallic cloaks.

GAUL Plate 4.
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Gallic Busts. Merovingian. The comfortable costumes of the Gauls.

Gallic Busts, Gauls, dresses, Merovingian costume history

GAUL Plate 3. Busts.

Gallic Busts. Merovingian.

GAUL Plate 3.

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Ancient British costume. The Britons.

Celtic Chieftain, Ancient costume, England, Celt, Britain costume, Herbert Norris

Celtic Chieftain in civil dress

British costume during the centuries


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Britannia Saxonica. Chronology of the Anglo-Saxons.


Saxon, Ancient Map, Elbe, Germany, Territory, Sax, Saxons

Map, Territory. Inhabited by the ancient Saxon. North of the Elbe

Britannia Saxonica

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Ancient British period. Fashion history of England.

British savages. Cimmerii. Cimbrians. Celtae. Celts

Ancient Britons


The Ancient British period.

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Ancient inhabitants of France.

Ancient inhabitants Gaulois, Breton, Celte Anglo Saxon Bretagne. Leader Breton. Costume

Leader of the Breton in 450

The Ancient inhabitants of France. Till B.C. 125.

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The dawn of christianity in Britain.

Ancient, Britain, christianity, Saxon, 3rd century, costumes,history

The first preaching of christianity in Britain.


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