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Ancient Greek priestess and nobility. Chiton with Kolpos.

Olympias.Alexander the Great. Greek Chiton. Ancient Greek costumes.Kolpos.

Greek Priestess, Nobility.

Priestess (visionary) and nobility in chiton.

The resulting folds by pulling down the chiton over the belt was called Kolpos.

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Women of the Andros Island. Ottoman Empire.

Women Andros Island. Traditional Greek Dress. Greece national costumes. Ottoman Empire.

Greek Women of the Andros Island.

Women of the Andros Island.

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A female of the island of Naxos. Ottoman Empire ethnic groups.

Traditional Naxos costume. Greek national costumes. Ottoman Empire dresses.


A female of the island of Naxos. Ottoman Empire ethnic groups.

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A Greek Sailor. Ottoman Empire ethnic groups.

Greek sailor costume. Traditional Greece folk dress. Ottoman Empire ethnic groups clothing.

A Greek Sailor

A Greek Sailor. Ottoman Empire ethnic groups.

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