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Costume and fashion history of Asia . Manners and Customs. Collected from rare sources. The Forgotten Books.

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India. Garments, Dresses. Principal Costumes.

India dresses, garments, Fashion History, Costumes, Paul Louis de Giafferri

Plate 3. Dresses and Garments.

India. Garments, Dresses. Principal Costumes.

The Feminine Costume of the World. Dresses. Part VII. India. Plate 3.
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India. Coiffures, Hats, Head-dresses.

India, Headdresses, Hats, Coiffures, Fashion, History, Paul Louis de Giafferri

India. Plate 7. Coiffures, Hats, Head-dresses.

India. Coiffures, Hats, Head-dresses.

The Feminin Costume of the World. Coiffures, Hats, Head-dresses. Part VII. India. Plate 7.
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Marquis Dufferin Ava with Armenian refugees.

Armenian refugees, Armenia, History, massacres, Ottoman Empire

Armenian refugees with Marquis Dufferin Ava

Marquis Dufferin Ava with Armenian refugees at the hospital at Varna, Bulgaria 1896.

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Kazuma Ogawa. Costumes & customs in Japan.

Old court dress, historical, historic, Japan, costume, Kazuma Ogawa, Photographer,

Old court dress.

Kazuma Ogawa. Costumes & customs in Japan. Tokyo 1892.

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The Tokchim Tarjum. The Forbidden Land, 1898.

Tokchim Tarjum, Journey, Tibet, Costume, Monk,

The Tokchim Tarjum, 1898.

The Tokchim Tarjum, 1898.

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Armenian bishop, Etchmiadzin Cathedral

Armenian bishop, Djulfa, costume, Azerbaidjan

The Armenian bishop of Djulfa, Azerbaidjan.

The Armenian bishop of Djulfa, Azerbaidjan. c. 1886

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Wakf property of Daniel. Visit to Sheikh Thae.

Iran, Khuzestan,cheikh, wakf, vakf,, Islamic law

Visit to Sheikh Thaer, administrator of the vakfs property of Daniel.

Wakf property of Daniel. Sheikh Thae.

Visit to Sheikh Thaer, administrator of the Wakf property of Daniel, 1848.

Iran. Khuzestan. Ab-Dizfoul and the secretaries of Sheikh Thaer. Drawing of Tofani, from a photograph.

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