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Man from Buxoro (Buchara), Uzbekistan

Traditional Buxoro Uzbekistan costume. Buchara Muslim dress.

Man from Buxoro Uzbekistan

Costume of a Man from Buxoro (Buchara), Uzbekistan 19th c..

From the book by Burnes, Alexander. Travels into Bokhara: containing the narrative of a voyage on the Indus from the sea to Lahore, … and an account of a journey from India to Cabool, Tartary and Persia; performed by order of the supreme government of India, in the years 1831. London, 1835.

Man from Bukhara Uzbekistan in 19th century.

Bukhara folk dress. Traditional Uzbekistan costume. Ancient Asian clothing

Bukhara Usbek.

Man from Bukhara Uzbekistan in 19th century.

Bokhara. Usbeks. Asie.

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