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30 years war weapons. Helmet, gloves and a musketeer rifle.

30 years war weapons. Helmet, gloves, Musketeer rifle. Armor, Musket in Detail.

Armament 1600-1650

Thirty Years War weapons, armament 1600-1650.

Arming in the 30 year war. Helmet, gloves and a musketeer rifle. The musket is shown in detail.


Spanish court dress. German Emperor Ferdinand II.

Emperor, Ferdinand II, Spanish, court dress, 16th, century, fashion history, Lipperheide

Emperor Ferdinand II.

Ferdinand II, 1578−1637, Emperor of Germany.

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17th century fashion. Noblewoman in 1650.

17th century fashion,nobility, court dress, France, costume, history,gown

Noblewoman from France 1650

17th century fashion.. Noblewoman in 1650.

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Baroque costumes. Germany 16th century fashion.

German citizen in baroque costumes. 16th century fashion. Renaissance clothing.

German citizen 1580

Baroque era. German citizen in 1580.

Late Renaissance, early baroque era.
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The Evolution of Modern Feminine Fashion 1786.


Robe à l'Anglaise. French rococo costume.

Robe à l’Anglaise. Coiffée d’un Bonnet à la Janot.

France in 1786, the evolution of modern feminine fashion.

Paris à l’Anglaise.

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Jewish traditional clothing in Germany, 18th c.

Jewish, Costumes, 17th, Tappest, Ephod, Baroque, fashion, history

Jewish traditional costumes in 1700

Jewish traditional clothing in Nuremberg 1710.

German Baroque Period.
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