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England court dress July 1794. The Gallery of Fashion.

England court dress. Heideloff Gallery of Fashion. England Georgian period. Regency costumes. Jane Austen clothing.

Court dress, July 1794

England court dress July 1794. The Gallery of Fashion.

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The Gallery of Fashion April 1796. England Evening Dresses.

England Regency fashion. Georgian period clothing. Jane Austen Costumes. Directoire style, Neoclassical dresses

Evening dresses, April 1796.

The Gallery of Fashion April 1796. England Evening Dresses.


Turban of white satin; bandeau embroidered in silver; diamond pin, and black velvet loop, trimmed with diamonds in the front; the hair intermixed with the turban; the hind hair turned up plain and short; three white ostrich feathers placed in the front. White satin petticoat, the bottom embroidered in gold; short petticoat of white crape, the bottom of it also embroidered in gold. Body of purple velvet, buttoned in the front with one large and two small diamonds; diamond clasp upon the shoulder.
White crape full sleeves with puckered cuffs, bound with gold; upper bracelets and girdle of black velvet, set with diamonds. Diamond necklace and ear-rings. White and gold shoes.


Chiffonet of white crape with gold spangles; the hair combed straight round the face; the hind hair turned up plain and short, the ends in ringlets, intermixed with the chiffonet; broad gold slider. Gold bandeau. Long string of pearls with a large tassel, crossed upon the chiffonet. Two white ostrich feathers. Petticoat of white lawn richly embroidered at the bottom. Body of rose-coloured satin, tied upon the shoulder with a white satin riband with silver spangles. White satin long sleeves, trimmed with blonde, and a small gold chain and button; short full upper sleeves of lawn spangled in silver, crossed and fastened also with a large gold chain and button. Large gold chain round the waist. Gold ear-rings and gold festoon necklace. White shoes crossed with gold.

Gallery of Fashion Vol. 3, 1795-1796. Published by Nicolaus Wilhelm von Heideloff, London.

England Morning Dress, April 1796.

Jane Austen regency costumes. England Georgian Vintage Fashion

Morning Dress April 1796

England Morning Dress, April 1796.


The front hair combed straight upon the forehead, the hind hair turned up plain and short. Bonnet of white satin, in the form of a turban, trimmed with coquelicot-coloured satin riband, and with plumes de coq of the same colour. Round gown of muslin embroidered in blue; spencer cape; short sleeves, and short upper sleeves of plain muslin, trimmed with edgings. Chemise tucker. Black cloak, trimmed with broad lace. Red morocco shoes with high white heels. Fur muff.

Gallery of Fashion Vol. 3, 1795-1796. Published by Nicolaus Wilhelm von Heideloff, London.

The Days of the Directoire. Costumes under the French Revolution.

French directory, Directoire fashion. France Revolution costumes.

Public audience by the Directory


Table of Content:

Costume under the Revolution; Versailles no longer the arbiter of the mode – Anglomania, “Anticomania,” Rousseau, and a “return to Nature ” – Blonde perukes – Dresses à la Flore, à la Diane, etc. – The classical cothurnus; the “balantine ” – Pink silk tights and gauze veiled nudities – Impossibles and Incroyables; masculine dress à la Anglaise – Official costumes of National Representatives and of Directors – Barras’ little joke – A lady on contemporary fashions in Paris. Continue reading

French Directory fashion in Paris after the Revolution 1796-1800.


French Directory fashion. merveilleuses costumes. Directoire, Octave Uzanne. Albert Lynch

Three “Merveilleuses” walk through the Jardin du Luxembourg in Paris.

French Directory fashion in Paris after the Revolution 1796-1800.


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Fashion history. The French Republic.


Fashion history. The French Republic. Revolution. Historical clothing

Costumes of The French Republic 1789 to 1804.

Fashion history. The French Republic 1789 to 1802.

Revolution, Directoire

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The Salon of Madame Récamier. French revolution fashion at Paris in 1794.

French Merveilleuse. Juliette Récamier. Revolution costumes. France Directory fashion

Juliette Récamier 1777-1849

Although one includes the name of Madame Récamier amongst those who have always been associated with the Merveilleuses, she is scarcely to be classed as being merely one of the leaders of fashion and beauty, for she had talent and force of character which placed her high above her surroundings, and her name will be still remembered when those of so many others of the time have been long forgotten.

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Fashion during the french revolution.


French fashion history 1793. Directory dresses. France Revolution costume

French Revolution Costume in 1793

Fashion during the french revolution. Paris 1793 to 1795.

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