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Anglo-Saxon fashion history. England c. 460 to 1066.


Saxon, Anglo-Saxon, costume, history, England

The Saxon
Head-gear.— Banded Phrygian cap.
Cloak.— Of blue cloth embroidered.
Tunica.— Green cloth embroidered.
Stockings.— Red cloth cross-gartered yellow.
(Photographed direct from examples used in the Author’s lecture upon Mediaeval Costumes and Head-dresses.

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Ancient British costume. The Britons.

Celtic Chieftain, Ancient costume, England, Celt, Britain costume, Herbert Norris

Celtic Chieftain in civil dress

British costume during the centuries


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Ancient British period. Fashion history of England.

British savages. Cimmerii. Cimbrians. Celtae. Celts

Ancient Britons


The Ancient British period.

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Celtic relics, ornaments of gold and bronze.

Celtic relics. British history. Celt culture. Celtic Bronze Bracelets. Celtic Fibula. Celtic Gold Ear-ring. Celtic Gold Torque

Celtic relics.

Celtic relics

Personal ornaments, etc, of gold and bronze.

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Eleanor of Aquitaine. Medieval Queen 12th century.

Eleanor of Aquitaine, Medieval Queen, Middle ages, fashion history, Gothic clothes, 12th century fashion

Eleanor of Aquitaine

Eleanor of Aquitaine

Eleanor of Aquitaine (French: Aliénor or Éléonore d’Aquitaine;  also Éléonore de Guyenne; * 1122 in Poitiers in the Poitou; † 1 April 1204 in the monastery of Fontevrault in France), was the daughter and co-heiress of William X. (1099-1137), Count of Poitiers and fifth Duke of Aquitaine. She married in 1137 Louis VII., King of France. Continue reading

King Henry VI. and his court. The good duke Humphrey.

King Henry VI, Middle ages, fashion, Medieval, costumes, dresses, Henry Shaw, court, British, history

King Henry VI. (1421-1471) and his court.

King Henry VI. 1421-1471 and his court.

Henry VI, (1421 – 1471) was the last king of England from the house Lancaster (from 1422 to 1461 and from 1470 to 1471). The house Lancaster is a side line of the House Plantagenet and an English royal dynasty. John of Gaunt, 1st Duke of Lancaster, the founder of the line, was the third son of King Edward III. from England.

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Gloves in British fashion history.

England 16th century white satin gauntlets. Gloves Embroidery

England 16th century white satin gauntlets, gloves.

Gloves in British fashion history.

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