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FRENCH FASHION HISTORY. Costume and fashion plates with descriptions between middle Ages, Directory, Regency, Empire and so called Flapper. Vintage Haute couture costumes.

Equestrian Portrait of Henry IV.

Henri IV, Equestrian Portrait. scepter, hat, scarf, weave, fashion, baroque, 16th century, King of France

Equestrian Portrait of Henry IV in 1596 on horseback.

Equestrian Portrait of Henry IV in 1596 on horseback, aged 45. King of France.

According to Thomas de Leu. Drawing Chevignard. (1553-1610)
Jean-Louis-Joseph-Camille (Engraver)
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Fashion portraits of the 16th century.

Fashion portraits Renaissance fashion history. 16th century costumes.

Renaissance fashion portraits. 16th century.

Fashion portraits of the renaissance, early baroque.

Portraits of Pied D’Antoine de Saint-Chamand, Lord of Mery, a incnonnue lady and Henry IV before 1600. According to the Compendium of Gaignières.
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