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Sarah Bernhardt. French actress

Sarah Bernhardt, French actress,Portrait, Théodora, Victorian fashion

Bernhardt as Théodora (1900) in the drama of the same name by Victorien Sardou

Sarah Bernhardt (1844-1923)

Sarah Bernhardt (actually Marie Henriette Rosine Bernardt) was a French actress. She is considered the most famous actress of her time and was one of the first world stars.
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Bull Run. 51st regiment, New York & Pennsylvania.

51st regiment. Zouaves, American civil war, Bull Run,

The 51st regiment, New York & Pennsylvania at Bull Run.

The 51st regiment, New York & Pennsylvania at Bull Run.

American Civil War, Battle of Bull Run in July 1861

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Marc Antony and the dead Caesar.

Marc Antony, roman, Shakespeare, Julius Caesar, ancient, clothing

Marc Antony and the dead Cæsar.

Marc Antony and the Dead Caesar.

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Antigone and Ismene. Greek mythology.

Antigone, Ismene, Greek, Mythology,

Antigone and Ismene

Antigone and Ismene.

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The Burial of Atala. Francois Auguste Chateaubriand.

Atala. Francois Auguste Chateaubriand, Romantic novel, Romanticism fashion

The Burial of Atala.

The Burial of Atala.

Francois Auguste Chateaubriand’s “Atala.”

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Archimedes of Syracuse. Mathematician of antiquity.

Archimedes, Syracuse, Greek clothing, mathematician, physicist, engineer, Antique

Archimedes of Syracuse 287-212 BC

Archimedes of Syracuse

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Chinese National Day. Tien An Men parade.

Chinese National Day, Mao Tse-tung, Chinese propaganda, Tien An Men Square, Pecking

Tien An Men Square Pecking. National Day, October 1.

Chinese National Day. Tien An Men parade 1954.

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Japanese Festivals and Holidays. 19th c.

Japanese Festivals, Birth, Koi, japan symbols, Gongen Sama, fish flag, Matsuri 祭?, Shinto

Festival in honour of the birth of child.

Japanese Festivals and Holidays

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Art work by Dale Grimshaw. East London, 2016.

African, Makeup, Make up, Graffiti, London, Brick lane, Artist, Dale Grimshaw, tribe

Art work by Dale Grimshaw, London 2016.

London Street Art.

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Marie Menessier-Nodier in Maja costume.

Marie Menessier-Nodier. Spanish lady. Maja costume.

Marie Menessier-Nodier as Spanish lady in Maja costume.

Marie Menessier-Nodier as Spanish lady in Maja costume.

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Ghimney sweep. Germany 19th century.

Ghimney sweep costume. Germany 19th century.

Ghimney sweep.

Ghimney sweep. Germany 19th century.

Romanticism, Biedermeier Era.

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