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Terra di Lavoro. Two woolen carpets. Italy 18th c.

Antique, carpets, Italy, 18th century, Terra di Lavoro,

Carpets of the “Terra di Lavoro

Woolen carpets of Terra di Lavoro, 18th century.
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Heavy woolen blanket, Abruzzi. Italian peasant rugs.

carpet, rug, blanket, peasant, Abruzzi, Italy, Albert Sautier

Heavy woolen blanket Italy ca. 1770

Heavy woolen blanket. Abruzzi, Italy ca. 1770

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Roman Pope in chamber clothes 18th c.

Roman Pope, chamber clothes, costume, illustration, catholic, 18th, century, costume history

Il Pontefice Romano in abito da Camera.

Roman Pope in Chamber Clothes

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Pope Pius VI. from 1775 to 1799. Ecclesiastical costume.

Pope Pius VI, costume, illustration, catholic, 18th, century, costume history

Pope Pius VI.

Pius VI. P. M.

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13th century duchess costume. Middle ages.

Middle ages costume 13th century, medieval, duchess, Italy

Duchess 13th century



THE accompanying rich and elegant costume has been extracted from a picture by the Duc de Seyde, who died, in the flower of his years, a a victim to his passion for art. He was celebrated both as painter and engraver. At once the friend and rival of Albert Durer (1471 -1528), a noble emulation led them often to treat the same subjects, and the friendship which united them was expressed by a frequent interchange of their works.

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The Society of La Calza, Venetia 14th century

Venetian, Society, Calza, Middle Ages, Renaissance, era, fashion, costume, History, Italy, Venetia, 14th century,

A Young Venetian. Italy 14th century.


Middle Ages, Early Renaissance era.
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Two ladies of Siena. Italy 13th century fashion.

costumes, medieval, Italy, 13th century, fashion, middle ages, Henry Shaw, Sienna.

Ladies playing on the harp and organ.


Gautier de Metz, initial letter, Manuscript, Middle ages

C- Initial letter. MS. Sloane, No. 2435

OSTUME, in the west of Europe, during the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries, was not strikingly characteristic of difference of countries; its changes were frequent, and often remarkable, but the intercourse between England and France, and in some measure with the neighbouring states, was so constant, that these changes were nearly simultaneous in them all. When, however, we pass to the south, and enter the warm clime and free states of Italy, we find the dresses of all classes have an entirely different character.

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Renaissance Helmet of Alfonso Piccololomini di Firenze.

Alfonso Piccololomini, Renaissance helmet. Military, Italy,

Italy. Helmet sixteenth century with the coat of arms of the bandit Alfonso Piccolomini.

Renaissance Helmet of Alfonso Piccololomini di Firenze.

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Frédéric III. Empereur.

Frédéric III. Empereur d'Allemagne. 15ème siècle. histoire de la mode Renaissance. Moyen Age costumes.

Frédéric III. 1415 -1493. Empereur du Saint Empire romain germanique.

Frédéric III. 1415 -1493

Empereur du Saint Empire romain germanique. Costume Histoire. Fin du Moyen Age, au début de la Renaissance.

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Jeu de Paume du moyen âge.

Jeu de Paume, Jeu de balle Mediaeval, Costume du 13ème siècle. Robe Bourgogne, Robe gothique, Âges histoire,Moyen costume,

Jeu de paume.

Jeu de Paume

Médiévale jeu de balle au 13ème siècle.

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La Torture. Costumes du 13ème siècle.

Torture au Moyen Age. Italie vêtements du 13ème siècle.

La Torture.

La Torture. Costumes du 13ème siècle.

Procès verbal, extrait d’une procédure criminelle du XV, siècle.

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