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An Argentine Gaucho in full costume, wearing the chiripa.

Argentine Gaucho, costume, dress, traditional, chiripa,over-trousers, bolas

A Vanishing Figure.

A Vanishing Figure. An Argentine Gaucho 1915.

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Peru Lima. Female fashion in 1821.

Peru, Lima, Historic costumes, 19th century fashion, latin, america

Females of Lima 1821.

Peru 1821. Females of Lima.

Historic costumes.

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Free Mulatto of Lima, Peru. Mulâtresse libre.

Mulâtresse, Mulatto costume, Latin America

Mulâtresse libre, Lima.

Free Mulatto of Lima, Peru.

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Tapada Lima. Tapada de saya. Le Musée cosmopolite.

Tapada Lima. Tapada de saya. Traditional Peru costumes

Tapada de saya.

Tapada Lima.

AMÉRIQUE. Tapada de saya. (Lima)
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Rio de la Plata. Woman from the countryside.

Rio de la Plata. Argentina. Costume. Traditional dress.

Rio de la Plata. Woman from the countryside.

Rio de la Plata. Woman from the countryside. Argentina.

AMÉRIQUE, Femme de la campagne. Rio de la Plata – environ de Buenos Aires, Montévidéo.
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Botokuden. Indians from south-east Brazil.

Botokuden, Aymoré, Krenak, Brazil, natives

Aymoré or Botokuden.

Botokuden or Aymoré people

Indians from south-east Brazil.

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Maxuruna. Brazilian indigenous tribesman.

Maxuruna,  facial piercings, Jaguar people, Brazil, Matis indians, Maxuruna, indigenous tribesman,

Maxuruna. A Brazil indigenous tribesman of the Matis indians, known as Jaguar people.

Maxuruna. Peruvian indigenous tribesman.

From the journey undertaken by the author with Johann Baptist Ritter von Spix (1781-1826), between 1817 and 1820. South America, 19th century.

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Cuba costume at the end of the 19th century.

Traditional Cuba costume. Caribic islands. American colonialism. Creole costumes. Spanish–American War.

A Wintergarden in Cuba.

Cuba costume at the end of the 19th century.

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Outfielder of the French light infantry in Mexico.

Outfielder. French light infantry voltigeur uniform

French light infantry voltigeur, Mexico.

Outfielder of the French light infantry in Mexico 1861.

Infanterie légère d’une compagnie de voltigeurs (Mexique).

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Brazilian merchants ride to Rio de Janeiro.

Brazilian merchants costumes. Riding dress

Brazilian merchants

Brazilian merchants ride to the market at Barra da Tijuca in Rio de Janeiro, 19th c..

Caravane de marchands allant a Tijuca.

Source: L’Univers, Histoire et description de tous les peuples, Paris.

Francisco Pizarro, the conquerer of Peru.

Francisco Pizarro. Spanish conquistador. Inka Peru

Francisco Pizarro, Spanish conquistador

Pizarro before Charles V.

Francisco Pizarro, the conquerer of Peru, was born in Spain about 1475. In 1522 he became a captain, and organized an expedition to explore and conquer the country south of Darien. His first effort was a failure, but his success was greater in 1526. Still, he was not satisfied, and it was only after visiting Spain to state his case and to display his trophies to the king, that he optioned means to collect a large force. He conquered Peru, obtained the Inca`s treasure as a ransom and then murdered him. In 1541 Pizarro was assassinated by some of his followers.

From: Character sketches of romance, fiction and the drama by Rev. Ebenezer Cobham Brewer, 1892. A revised American edition of the readers handbook. Edited by Marion Harland.