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Middle Ages costumes and fashion. Period between 700 to 15th century. Style of Byzantine, Carolingian, Romanesque, Gothic and Renaissance.

Carolingian Knight in armor, Bishop, Priest and Burgess.

Carolingian fashion history. Byzantine costumes. Medieval Knight, Priest, Bishop

Knight in armor, Bishop, Priest and Burgess.

Carolingian clothing 751-987.

Medieval costume of Carolingian Knight in armor, Bishop, Priest and Burgess.

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Carolingian clothing 751-987. Queen, noblewoman and prophetess.

Middle Ages fashion. 10th century clothing. Carolingian Queen.  Prophetess. Noblewoman

Carolingian Queen, Noblewoman and Prophetess

Carolingian clothing 751-987.

Carolingian Queen, Noblewoman and Prophetess.
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Medieval fashion history. Reign of Charles VI and Charles VII


Medieval costumes, Middle ages fashion history, 14th, 15th century fashion. Burgundian, Burgundy clothing, Hennin.

French Fashion 1380-1461

Reign of Charles VI and Charles VII. 1380 to 1461.

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Taste in dress becomes purer – Heartshaped head-covering, the “cornette,” and the “hennin ” in the reign of Charles VI – Husbands complain – Preachers denounce – Thomas Connecte declaims against the diabolic invention – Brother Richard tries to reform it – The “hennin” gains the victory – Costume of Jeanne de Bourbon – “Escoffion” – An absurd figure – Gravouère – Isabeau de Bavière – Gorgiasetès – Tripes – Splendour of the court – Agnes Sorel – “Coiffe adournée”; diamonds; the carcan – Walkingsticks. Continue reading

Medieval knight in armor. 12th century Germany.

German Knight in armor. 12th century costume. Middle Ages soldier. Gothic Dress.

Knight in armor

Medieval knight in armor. 12th century Germany. Gothic period dress.

On the armor or corslet he wears a surcoat. Hauberk, boiler cap, leg braces, knee tile, almond-shaped shield. The shield is attached to the ankle over the left shoulder. The horse is protected with a harness made of leather. After a miniature in a psalter from the time of Louis the Fat (1108-1137)

German Gothic Fashion. Citizens in 1440.

15th century costumes. German Citizens clothing. Middle Ages Gothic fashion

German Citizens 1440

German Gothic Fashion. Citizens in 1440, 15th century.

He wears the typical late-Gothic turban, girded with top rock and closed sandals. The woman has a Wide sleaved robe, two times the skirt, the upper has a trail. The petticoat reaches almost to the ground. The colors in that era were yellow and red. These represented some of the reformation time equivalent. This means that the materials were cheaper and coarser. What the general impoverishment in the German lands to carry back is due to the Hussites wars.