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Historical military uniforms. Soldiers from all over the world. Customs, habit, manner. Defensive and offensive weapons. Selected pictures from rare sources. The forgotten Books.

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Armed Burgundian knights in armor in 1470.

Armed Burgundian knights in armor. Dutch citizens costumes. Gothic clothing. Medieval dresses.

Dutch citizens costumes and Burgundy fashion end of the XV. Century.

Dutch citizens and Burgundy fashion end of the 15th Century.

Top row left: Dutch citizens costumes from 1470 to 1485. Right: Armed Burgundian knights in armor in 1470.
Bottom row left to right: Burgundy nobility in court dress. Right: Armed Burgundian knights in armor in 1470.

On the history of costumes. Münchener Bilderbogen. Edited by Braun and Schneider 1860.

Venetian Helmet. 17th Century

XVII Century Helmet. Venetian manufactures. Defensive weapons. Armor Baroque Soldier.

17th Century Helmet.

Venetian Helmet. XVII Century.

Venetian manufactures. Collection of the Emperor Napoleon III. Defensive weapons. Helmet. Baroque period. XVII Siècle. Fabrique Vénitienne. Collection de l’Empereur Napoleon III. Armes Défensives. Casque.

This fine show, or state-helmet has a Venetian orign and was a part of the fine collection of arms of emperor Napoleon III. Its general shape is that of the Italian sallets in the XVth. century. The crest, showing the Venice lion springing out of a fortress, and the ornaments in the form of foliages, are in gilt bronze, from a full cast. The whole ornamentation, of a very decorative effect, is put upon a ground of red velvet and ornaments stands a shell of polished steel. No withour hesitation do we give to this caque the date of the ≈√⁄th century; on might perhaps bring it back up the end of the XVth., considering, the forward state of the Italian art at this epoch. Be it as it may, it is a fine work and of a grand style, wich it is possible to produce again, tha is true, but wich may still become a teaching to many a sculptor and historical painter.

To the gilt ornaments cut more value is given from this calculated opposition, and they moeover contribute to give the richness and eclat wich are the chief meri of the object.

French Guards swords and handles. 18th century.

French Revolution swords. Military weapons, swords and handles 18th century.

French Guards swords handles 18th century.

French Guards swords and handles.

XVIII Century. French school. Period of the Revolution. Museum in Paris. Guards swords and handles.

These five motifs, whether special features by ornaments and symbols that decorate the guards may be swords of honor offered by the city of Paris a few citizens who are particularly distinguished in the storming of the Bastille. All blades are richly inlaid (9409-9415)

XVIII Siècle. École Française. Période de la Révolution. Au Musée, à Paris. Poignées et Gardes d’épées.

Ces cinq motifs, si caractèristiques par les ornaments et les symboles qui dècorent le gardes, sont peut-être des épées d’honneur offertes par la ville de Paris à quelques citoyens qui seraient particulièrement distingues lors de la prise de la Bastille. Toutes les lames sont richement damasquinèes (9409-9415)

Gallery: Offensive and defensive armor and weapons.

Swords of honor. French Revolution 18th Century.

Swords of honor. General Weapons of Honor. French Revolution 18th Century.

Swords of honor 18th Century.

Swords of honor. French Revolution 18th Century.

XVIII Century. French school. Time of the French Revolution. Handles and scabbards of swords. Weapons of Honor. 

9524 and 9525, official Sword of the member of the Directory, 9530 and 9531, Sword of honor offered by the Directory to General Massena 9526 and 9527, Sword of honor. The inscription reads: Battle of Marengo, 25 years glory. Awarded by the First Consul of the French Republic, Napoleon Bonaparte to General Gaspard Amédée Gardanne.

9524 et 9525; Epée officielle de membre du Directoire; 9530 et 9531, sabre d’honneur offert par le Directoire a Masséna; 9526 et 9527, sabre d’honneur; sur le fourreau on lit: Bataille de Marengo, le 25 prairial an VIII; commandé par le premier consul, donné par le Gouvernement de la République française au général Gardanne.

Sword 16th Century. Renaissance period weapon.

Offensive weapons. Sword 16th Century. Knights armor. Medieval military weapon

Sword 16th Century

Sword 16th Century. Renaissance era weapon.

XVI. Century. French factory. Collection of Mr. Armaillé. Offensive weapons. Sword. Grandeur of the Execution. XVI Siècle. Fabrique Française. Collection de M. D’Armaillé. Armes Offensives. Épée. Grandeur de l’ Exécution.  Continue reading

Boabdil, last Moorish king helmet 15th century.

Boabdil, Moorish king. Saracen Helmet. Medieval military weapons. Renaissance weapons

Helmet of Muhammad XII. the last Moorish king 1459 – 1518 ?

Boabdil, last Moorish king helmet. 15th century Saracen weapon.

Helmet of Muhammad XII. Abu Abdallah 1459 – 1518? the last Moorish king, known to the Christian Spaniards of his time as Boabdil, also called el chico.

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