Habit of the Sultaness Queen in 1749.

Empress, Sultaness , Sultane Reine, Ottoman Empire, Queen, costume

Empress of the Ottoman Empire

Habit of the Sultaness Queen in 1749. La Sultane Reine.

Consort of the Ottoman sultan.
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China 1897. The dying coolie by Isabella Bird Bishop.

dying, coolie, china, victorian travel, isabella Bird Bishop,

The dying coolie


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Gwitchin. Peoples of Alaska in 1850th.

Gwitchin, Gwich'in, Saviah, Kutchin, Alaska, native indian, Kutcha-Kutchin, dress, costume, traditional, North America,

Saviah, Chief of the Gwitchin (Kutcha-Kutchin)

Gwitchin. Peoples of Alaska in 1850th.

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Kazuma Ogawa. Costumes & customs in Japan.

Old court dress, historical, historic, Japan, costume, Kazuma Ogawa, Photographer,

Old court dress.

Kazuma Ogawa. Costumes & customs in Japan. Tokyo 1892.

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Costume of Gambia. Voyage to Africa 1823.

Gambia, Africa, Traditional, historical, costumes, Thomas Edward Bowdich

Gambia. Alcade, Senhara, Moorish Muslims

Costume of Gambia.

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Latvia. Lettish people from Lyutsinsky district in 1866.

Latvia, Lettish costumes, Vitebsk, Lyutsinsky, garb, dress, traditional, national costume

Latvia. Lettish people from Lyutsinsky.

Latvia. Lettish people from Lyutsinsky district of Vitebsk Provinces.
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Dorsetshire Yeomanry Cavalry, Queen’s Own

British army, Regiment, cavalry, Yeomanry, uniform, military, england, soldier, Dorset,

The Queen’s Own Dorset Yeomanry Cavalry

The Queen’s Own Regiment of Dorset Yeomanry Cavalry

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The Border Regiment. British Army 1893.

British Army, Border Regiment, 34th, 55th Foot, UniformsThe Border Regiment (34th & 55th Foot)

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The four Grand Duchesses of the House of Romanov.

Grand Duchesses, Grand Duchess, Romanov, Russia, Maria, Tatjana, Anastasia, Olga, Nikolaevna Romanova,

The four Grand Duchesses Maria, Tatjana, Anastasia, Olga.

The four Grand Duchesses, photographed about 1914.

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Accessoires of the 15th century

Accessoires, 15th century, middle ages, renaissance, fashion, history

Head-dress, Clasp for a Cloak, Rosary and Alms-box.

Accessoires of the 15th century

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The Garter. Orders of Knighthood.

Knighthood, Knight, chivalry, Garter, England, 14th century, Middle Ages, costume

Knight of the Order of the Garter. British order of chivalry.


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