The Tokchim Tarjum. The Forbidden Land, 1898.

Tokchim Tarjum, Journey, Tibet, Costume, Monk,

The Tokchim Tarjum, 1898.

The Tokchim Tarjum, 1898.

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13th century duchess costume. Middle ages.

Middle ages costume 13th century, medieval, duchess, Italy

Duchess 13th century



THE accompanying rich and elegant costume has been extracted from a picture by the Duc de Seyde, who died, in the flower of his years, a a victim to his passion for art. He was celebrated both as painter and engraver. At once the friend and rival of Albert Durer (1471 -1528), a noble emulation led them often to treat the same subjects, and the friendship which united them was expressed by a frequent interchange of their works.

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Sarah Bernhardt. French actress

Sarah Bernhardt, French actress,Portrait, Théodora, Victorian fashion

Bernhardt as Théodora (1900) in the drama of the same name by Victorien Sardou

Sarah Bernhardt (1844-1923)

Sarah Bernhardt (actually Marie Henriette Rosine Bernardt) was a French actress. She is considered the most famous actress of her time and was one of the first world stars.
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Emma Eames. American opera singer.

Emma Hayden Eames, American opera singer, vocal pedagogue, victorian fashion era

Emma Eames c. 1890

Emma Hayden Eames

Emma Hayden Eames (1865 – 1952) was an American opera singer (soprano) and vocal pedagogue.

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An English lady in 15th century fashion. Tudor costume.

English Lady, 15th century, costume fashion, Tudor costume, middle ages, medieval fashion, court dressAN ENGLISH LADY.

Late medieval, Renaissance, Tudor, Burgundy

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Viuda Rica Coiffure. Toro, Zamora Spain

España, Viuda Rica Coiffure, Toro, Zamora, Spain,

Viuda Rica Coiffure

Viuda Rica Coiffure

Toro, Zamora

Toro is a small Spanish town in the province of Zamora in the Autonomous Community of Castile-León.

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A German Falconer in 13th century costume

German Falconer, 13th century costume, middle ages, medieval fashion, gothic, dress, clothing

A German Falconer


Middle ages, 13th century

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A peasant bride from Brittany in 1840

Brittany, peasant bride, costume, national, dress, france

Peasant bride from Brittany

Peasant bride from Brittany in 1840

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Gilbert de Clare, 5th Earl of Gloucester

Gilbert de Clare, Earl of Gloucester, Medieval knight, Middle Ages, Armor, Henry Shaw, Tewkesbury Abbey Church.

Gilbert de Clare, Earl of Clare. From Tewkesbury Abbey Church. Date about 1340.

Gilbert de Clare, Earl of Gloucester

Gilbert de Clare, 4th Earl of Hertford, 5th Earl of Gloucester, 1st Lord of Glamorgan, 7th Lord of Clare (1180 – 25 October 1230).

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Extremadura costume. Montehermoso, Cáceres Spain.

Spain, España, traditional costume, traje tradicional, Montehermoso, Monte Hermoso, Cáceres, Festival dress, vestido de Festival,

FESTIVAL DRESS (DETAIL) Montehermoso, Cáceres.

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Traditional peasant costumes of Geiltal, Austria.

geiltal, peasant, costume, traditional, East Tyrol, Carinthia, Austria, dress, mountaineer



THE dress of the men of Geiltal, in former times of an extremely peculiar fashion, is even at the present day unique and original.

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