Costumes of the 11th century. Monastic, Normanns, Crusaders.

Crusaders, Monk, Bishop costumes, Knight, middle ages cavalry. Tournament, 11th century, military costumes, Chivalry,

Costumes of the 11th century.

Costumes of the 11th century. Monastic, Normanns, Crusaders Nobility costumes.

Costumes during the middle ages 1000 A.C., Byzantine, Romanesque, Pregothic, Gothic era.

Upper half of the picture: Monk, western bishop in full ornat, priest. Frankish royal couple with the insignia of rulers.
Lower half of the picture: Norman women. Norman nobles woman. Knights and soldier at the first crusade.

Source: “On the history of costumes”. Munich pictures sheets. Published by Braun & Schneider, Munich c.1858 -1898s.

Gallery: On the history of costumes

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