Asia. Historical costumes.


Asia. Costumes. Auguste Wahlen.

Manners, customs and costumes of all peoples of the world by Auguste Wahlen.

Asia costumes by Auguste Wahlen.

Manners, customs and costumes of all peoples of the world.


Based on authentic documents and and newer travel. Author: Auguste Wahlen
Engrapher: François Pannemaker Published: Brussels, 1843.

Original Title: Mœurs, usages et costumes de tous les peuples du monde, d’après des documents and authentiques et les voyages des plus récents; Publié par Auguste Wahlen. Chevalier de Plusieurs Orders. Asie. Bruxelles, a la Librairie Historique-Artistique, Rue de Schaerbeek, 12. 1844.

Second Chapter: Asia.


Kirghiz Sultan Beck and family. Kazakhstan.
Kirghiz Sultan Beck and family. Kazakhstan. Sultan Beck and family, trained hunting-hawk and came... Read more
1850 • 19th Century • Asia • Kyrgyzstan • Traditional
Traditional Kazakhstan costume
Flower seller from Japan.
Flower seller from Japan. Japanese female flower seller with backpack in traditional Japan costum... Read more
10s • 20th Century • Asia • Japan • Traditional
Traditional Japanese costume
Ottoman Empire Public Office 1838
Ottoman Empire Public Office in Constantinople Title: Bureau public (Kàlem ou). Published: L... Read more
19th Century • Asia • Ottoman Empire
Traditional Turkey Costumes • Traditional Turkish Mens Dress
Japanese rider, 19h century. Cavalier Japonais.
Japanese rider, 19h century. Samurai. Cavalier Japonais. Source: Mœurs, usages et costum... Read more
1843 • 19th Century • Asia • Japan
Asian military • Auguste Wahlen • Japan Military • Traditional Japanese costume
Oriental carpet. 15th century. Caucasus.
Carpet with conventionalized Animal-Figures: Incomplete Asia Minor or the Caucasus; First half of ... Read more
1430 • 15th Century • Asia • Caucasia • Middle Ages
A Japanese sailing ship off the coast of Shimoda.
A Japanese sailing ship off the coast of Shimoda. From the book: Two journeys to Japan. 1856-7, b... Read more
1857 • 19th Century • Asia • Genre • Japan
Kinahan Cornwallis • Traditional Japanese costume
Nomadic priest costume. Kalmyk Buddhist 19th century.
Nomadic priest. Kalmyk Buddhist. The Kalmyks are a Buddhist, western Mongolian nomadic people. T... Read more
1850 • 19th Century • Asia • Ecclesiastical
Ecclesiastical Dress • Lipperheide • Nomadic costumes
Sinhalese women picking coffee.
Sinhalese women picking coffee. Sri Lanka 18th c. Femmes cingalaises occupées à éplucher du c... Read more
1867 • 19th Century • Asia • Sri Lanka • Traditional
Ceylon • Sketches of the inhabitants • Traditional Sri Lanka clothing

  1. Suisse costumes nationaux
  2. Traditional French national costumes.
  3. Tyrolean national costumes 1835.
  4. Souvenir de L’Exposition Universelle de Vienne.
  5. Costumes of Japan and Java.
  6. The Peninsula war. Character, Costume in Portugal and Spain.
  7. Our islands and their people. Hawaii, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Cuba.
  8. Costumes of all countries by Alexandre Lacauchie 1850s.
  9. Historical and folk costumes by Franz Lipperheide.
  10. The costume of Turkey. Ottoman Empire 18th century.
  11. Traditional Dutch national costumes.
  12. The Switzerland national costumes of 17th ‚18th, 19th century originals.
  13. Folk dresses from Norway, Dutch, Germany and Hungaria.
  14. Mexico by Carl Nebel 1836.
  15. Typical pictures of Indian Natives.
  16. The People of India
  17. Views of Darjeeling: With typical native portraits and groups.
  18. History of the Indian Tribes of North America of the Indian Tribes of North America
  19. Chinese sceneries in 19th century. by Thomas Allom.
  20. Provincial Russia. Costume and Culture.
  21. Costume of the Russian empire by Edward Harding.
  22. Serbian national costumes by Vladimir Kirin.
  23. Historical European costumes by Auguste Wahlen.
  24. The Highlanders of Scotland, 1870.
  25. Costumes and scenery of Afghanistan.
  26. Views of Darjeeling: With typical native portraits and groups.
  27. The dark continent. Africa, the landscape and the people 1931.
  28. Historical costumes from Africa, America and Oceania.
  29. Traditional folk costumes of Italy and France in 1821.
  30. The Serbs in the Adriatic. Their types and costumes 1870-1878.

List of costume plates:

  • Afghan soldier from Herat. – Afghan d´Herat.
  • Afghan soldier. – Soldat Afghan.
  • Arabian Noble. – Noble Arab.
  • Arabian girl. – Jeune fille Arabe.
  • Inhabitant of Mount Lebanon. Habitant du mont Liban – Habitant du mont Liban.
  • Arab merchant. – Marchant Arabe.
  • Armenian girl. – Jeune fille Arménienne.
  • Armenian merchant. – Marchand Armenian.
  • Noble Burmese woman. – Noble Birmane.
  • Noble Burmese man. – Noble Birmane.
  • Carian. – Karian.
  • Soldier Vietnam (Cohinchinois). – Soldat Cohinchinois.
  • Soldiers of Vietnam (Cochinchinois). – Naturel et Soldat Cochinchinois.
  • Girl from Vietnam. (Cochinchinois). – Jeune fille Cochinchinois.
  • The Emperor of China. – L Empereur de la Chine.
  • Chinese junk. – Jonque chinoise.
  • Chinese luxury junk. – Jonque chinoise.
  • Mandarin Chinese. – Mandarin chinois.
  • Chinese merchant. – Marchant Chinois. Voiture à voilà.
  • Chinese soldier. – Soldat Chinois.
  • Chinese monks. – Bonzes chinois.
  • Chinese lady and her attendant. – Dame Chinoise et sa suivante.
  • Chinese guys. – Types chinois.
  • Circassian. – Circassien.
  • Circassian. Prince of the great Cabarde. – Circassien. Prince de la grande Cabarde.
  • Caucasian Circassien soldier. – Circassien.
  • Prince Imerethien. – Prince Imerethien.
  • Georgian from Megrelia. – Mingrelien.
  • Georgian woman. – Georgienne.
  • Hindustan. Ordinary man. – Indoustan. Homme du peuple.
  • Young Hindu dancer. – Jeune danseur Indou.
  • Devadasi, Jogini. Hindustan. – Bayadere. Indoustan.
  • General of the guards of the Emperor. Delphi. – Général des gardes de l’Empereur. Delphi.
  • Groom in Calcutta. – Groom a Calcuta.
  • Girl of Himalaya Mountains. – Jeune Fille des Monts Himalaya.
  • Hindu playing the Pennak (Tanpura or tambura). – Indou jouant du Pennak.
  • Young Hindu girl from the upper class. – Jeune fille indoue de la haute classe.
  • The Rajah. – Rajah.
  • Sub-officer, Sepoy officer of Cipahys. Hindustan. – Sous-officer de Cipahys. Indoustan.
  • Hindu soldier. – Soldat Hindou.
  • Japanese lady. – Dame Japonaise.
  • Japanese Parasol standard bearer. – Porte étendard et Parasol Japonais.
  • Japanese rider. – Cavalier Japonais.
  • Japanese General. – General Japonais.
  • Japanese nobleman and his valet. – Japonais de condition et son valet.
  • Japanese soldier. – Soldat Japonais.
  • Indigenous Ainu of Japan. – Ainos Japonais.
  • Japanese Fishermen’s family. – Famille de Pêcheurs Japonais.
  • Japanese soldier. – Soldat Japonais.
  • Japanese infantry. Musician. – Infanterie Japonais. Musicien.
  • Japanese in Ceremonial garb. – Japonais en costume de cérémonie.
  • Japanese soldier. – Soldat Japonais.
  • Russia Kalmyk. – Kalmouk.
  • Korean. – Coréen.
  • Kyrgyz. – Kirghiz.
  • Druse woman. Lebanon. – Femme Druse. Liban.
  • Resident of Lile Loo-choo. Ryukyuan Asia. – Habitant de l`Île Lou-Tchou. Asie.
  • Resident of Lahore. – Habitant de Lahore.
  • Persian dervish. – Derviche persan.
  • Persian priest or mullah. – Prêtre Persan ou Mollah.
  • Persia. Man of the People. – Perse. Homme du Peuple.
  • Persian Gunner. – Canonnier Persan.
  • Persian Noble. – Noble Persan. Asia.
  • The Shah of Persia. – Le Schah de Perse.
  • Persian woman. – Femme Persane.
  • Persian lady. – Dame Persane.
  • Russia Eleuthe. – Eleuthe. Asie.
  • Katschines Tartar Family. – Famille Tartare Katschentses.
  • Siamese Thailand. – Siamois.
  • Russia Siberia Chukchi family. – Famille Tschiuktsches.
  • Kamchatka Kamchadal. Asia. – Kamtchadale. Asie.
  • Russia Kamchatka. Types of Kamchadales. – Types des Kamtchadales.
  • Russia Kureck woman. – Kureck.
  • Russia Samoyeds. – Samoyèdes.
  • Russia Yakut. – Yakoute.
  • Russia Yakut woman. – Femme Yakoute.
  • Tartar woman from Tomsk. Asia. – Femme Tartare de Tomsk. Asie.
  • Syria Dura Europus warrior. – Douran.
  • Formosan. Taiwanese aborigines. – Formosan.
  • Tibetan. – Thibetain.
  • Imam from Turkey. – Iman. Turquie.
  • Kurd. – Kurde. Asie.
  • Turkish Mardin. – Turc de Mardin. Asie.
  • Bukhara Usbek. – Bokhara. Usbeks. Asie.

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