Costumes and scenery of Afghanistan.

Douraunee Cheiftains. Traditional Afghanistan National Costumes. Illustrations James Rattray.

Dourraunnee chieftains in full armour by James Rattray (1848).

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Costumes and scenery of Afghanistan.

The costumes of the various tribes, portraits of ladies of rank, celebrated princes and chiefs, views of the principal fortresses and cities, and interior of the cities and temples of Afghaunistaun. From original drawings by James Rattray.

Artist: James Rattray 1818-1854
Lithographer: Robert Carrick
Published by Day & Son

Character and costumes of Afghanistan. Sketches in Afghanistan.

The First Anglo-Afghan War 1839 to 1842. From original sketches by Dr. James Atkinson (1780-1852), Superintending Surgeon of the Army of the Indus; written by Captain Lockyer Willis Hart, of the 22nd Bombay Native Infantry.

Lithographed by Charles Hague and Louis Haghe (1806-1895).
Published by H. Graves & Co, London, 1842.

Original Descriptions:


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