Embroidery designs from France National Costumes.

Embroidery designs, France, national costumes. Child clothing. traditional fabrics

French embroidery designs c. 16th-19th

Embroidery designs from France National Costumes 16th to 19th century.

  • 1.2. Child’s bonnet with cloth appliqué. Ariège, France 19th century.
  • 3. Knitted child’s oversock. Brittany, France 19th century.
  • 4. 15. 17. Women’s bodices of silk and velvet embroidered with silk, gold thread and sequins, Département Ain early 19th century.
  • 5. 6. Embroidered baptismal bonnet. Brittany, France 19th century (no. 5 with gold embroidery).
  • 7. Embroidered child’s bonnet. Auvergne, France 16th century.
  • 8. Man’s waistcoat neck embroidery. Brittany, France 18th-19th century.
  • 9. Processional child’s bonnet. Brittany, France 18th century.
  • 10. Child’s fabric slipper with gold embroidery. Brittany, France 19th century.
  • 11. 13. Ornamental wooden shoes with straw weaving and wool embroidery. Brittany, France 19th century.
  • 12. Man’s waistcoat silk embroidered. Brittany, France 19th century.
  • 14. Woman’s apron embroidery. Brittany, France 18th-19th century.
  • 16. Velvet and cloth embroidery. Brittany, France 19th century.

Source: Palais Chaillot (Musée de l’Homme) Paris, France.


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