German Soldier in uniform. World War II 1940s

German Soldier, Sergeant, Wehrmacht, costume,ww2,Uniform

German Soldier 1940

Costume History German Officer World War II. 1940.

World War II. 1940. Uniform of German Soldier, Officer in uniform with dagger. Wehrmacht costume.


Firearms and offensive weapons. 16th century.
Accessories firearms and offensive weapons. Renaissance period, 16th century. XVI Century. French... Read more
16th Century • France • Military • Renaissance
French military uniforms • Weapons
Armed Burgundian knights in armor in 1470.
Dutch citizens and Burgundy fashion end of the 15th Century. Top row left: Dutch citizens costume... Read more
1480 • 15th Century • Burgundian dress • Middle Ages • Military • Netherlands • Nobility
Burgundian fashion period • Gothic costumes • Münchener Bilderbogen
Costumes from French Imperial.
Costumes from French Imperial 1850s. Gallery: Les nations. Album des Costumes De Tous les Pays. ... Read more
1850 • 19th Century • France • Military
French national costumes
The Border Regiment. British Army 1893.
The Border Regiment (34th & 55th Foot) The Border Regiment was a line infantry regiment of ... Read more
1893 • 19th Century • England • Military
British Military Costume • Uniforms
French Crossbowman of the 15th century.
French Crossbowman of the 15th century. Arbalétrier XVe siècle. tire du Manuscript de Froi... Read more
15th Century • France • Middle Ages • Military
French military uniforms • Gothic costumes • Knighthood • Medieval costume • Paris à travers les siècles
Boabdil, last Moorish king helmet 15th century.
Boabdil, last Moorish king helmet. 15th century Saracen weapon. Helmet of Muhammad XII. Abu Abda... Read more
15th Century • Military • Renaissance • Spain
Helmet • Moorish costumes • Weapons
Musketeer costume in 1586. Reign of Henri III.
Musketeer costume in 1586. Reign of Henri III. Musketeer in 1586. Reign of Henri III. Taken from ... Read more
1586 • 16th Century • Baroque • France • Military
Baroque era • French military uniforms • Paris à travers les siècles
German and Austrian military uniforms in the 18th century.
German and Austrian military uniforms in the 18th century. Top row left: Württemberg military ar... Read more
1724 • 1730 • 1738 • 18th Century • Austria • Germany • Military
Austrian military uniforms • German Military Costume • Münchener Bilderbogen • Uniforms
Costume Militaire. Guillaume de Bibra. 15ème siècle.
Guillaume de Bibra 1484. Costumes de militaires du 15ème siècle. La mode de la Renaissance. ... Read more
1484 • 15th Century • Germany • Military • Renaissance
Costumes historiques • Knighthood • Renaissance fashion era

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