Costumes of Carolingians in the 7th and 8 Century.

Carolingians costumes of Maid of honor, Prophetess. Knight in armor, Bishop, Nobleman, Troubadour, Minstrel, Duke, King, Queen, General, Peasants.

Carolingians in the 7th and 8th Century.

Medieval Clothes of the Carolingians in the 7th and 8 Century.

Top row left: Maid of honor to the Empress. Carolingian queen. Prophetess. Right: Carolingian knights in armor and armament. Bishop and nobleman.
Bottom row left: Troubadour, minstrel. Carolingian duke and knight in armor and armament. Right: Carolingian king, General in armor and field banner. Carolingian peasants.

Drawing by Carl von Häberlin.

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