Dominican nuns in the 18th century. Monastic clothing.

Dominican, Ordo fratrum Praedicatorum, nuns, costumes, Ecclesiastical, Dress, Monastic, clothing

Dominican nuns, Ordo fratrum Praedicatorum.

Dominican nuns in 1780, 18th century.

Costumes of Religious Orders. Monastic clothing.

The Dominican nuns, religious abbreviation OP, Latin: Ordo fratrum Praedicatorum (as the Dominicans, the male branch) are a Roman Catholic religious order, which began with a foundation by the Spanish priest Saint Dominic de Guzman in 1205 and approved by Pope Honorius III on 22 December 1216.

First order, the Dominicans are referred to as Second Order, the contemplative Dominican designated exam and as the Third Order Dominicans who are without precedence even charitable, educational, nursing or missionary work. In France, the Dominicans were known as Jacobins, because their convent in Paris was attached to the church of Saint Jacques.


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