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Marie Menessier-Nodier in Maja costume.

Marie Menessier-Nodier. Spanish lady. Maja costume.

Marie Menessier-Nodier as Spanish lady in Maja costume.

Marie Menessier-Nodier as Spanish lady in Maja costume.

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Ethel Barrymore 1898. American actress.

Ethel Barrymore American actress. Victorian era costumes

Ethel Barrymore 1898


Ethel Barrymore of Henry Irving’s Company 1898.

Ethel Barrymore (actually: Ethel Blyth. 1879 -1959) was an American actress. She was honored for her performance in None But the Lonely Heart at the Academy Awards 1945 Oscar for Best Supporting Actress. Previously, she had been one of the most successful actresses on Broadway for decades. E. Barrymore was known for her black humor and one of the largest private collections of books in the United States. In her honor was named a Broadway theater. A star on the Walk of Fame, Hollywood Bouldevard height 7001, recalls the actress.

Victorian era costume.

American stage actress Maude Adams as Peter Pan 1905

American actress Maude Adams. Peter Pan costume. Broadway show.

Maude Adams as Peter Pan.

American stage actress Maude Adams as Peter Pan 1905.

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Japan Actress Madame Sada Yacco

Japanese Actress Sada Yacco. Japan Geisha.

Actress Sada Yacco in the role of Oriye

Japan Actress Sada Yacco  (1871-1946)

In the role of Oriye. Japanese Ophelia: Madness scene. Sada Yacco dans le rôle d’Oriye, l’Ophélie japonaise: scène de la folie.

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Blanche Sweet. American film actress in 1925

Blanche Sweet. American Actress. Silent movie star. 1920s fashion.

Blanche Sweet 1925

Blanche Sweet. American Actress. Silent movie star.

Blanche Sweet 1896-1986 was an American film actress whose career in the early days of silent films had already peaked. 1909 began her film career at the Biograph and quickly became one of the leading actresses in the films of D.W. Griffith. In 1911 she had the leading role as a young mother in The Last Drop of Water. Her most important main role was as Judith in the first feature-length film by Griffiths Judith Bethulien of 1914. In 1915 she left Biograph and went to the Famous Players-Lasky, where she appeared in films by Cecil B. DeMille and Marshall Neilan. The contemporary film critics held because of their versatility for one of the most outstanding actresses of the entire silent era. Towards the end of the silent era waned her popularity and she only occurred in three sound films. In 1930 she retired from the film business altogether back. When she got no more appointments, she worked at all times in a department store in Los Angeles. In the late 1960s, she was, in particular by European film students, recognition as a pioneer of the American film received.

Actress Erna Morena. German actress of the silent film period.

German film actress, film producer and screenwriter of the silent film period. Photographer Hans Hold

Erna Morena 1916

Erna Morena, Portrait by photographer Hans Hold 1916.

Erna Morena. Photographer Karl Schwenker. 1920s period. Roaring twenties.

Erna Morena 1915

Portrait by Photographer Karl Schwenker 1915.

Hairstyle, hat fashion in Berlin.

Erna Morena 1885-1962 (Her real name was Ernestine Mary Fuchs) was a German film actress, film producer and screenwriter of the silent film period and the early days of the sound film. She played the role of the wife of the Consistorial in the infamous Nazi propaganda film Jud Suss. Overall, she starred in about 120 films and was as well known as Greta Garbo and Henny Porten in her heyday. Today she is largely forgotten.