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Assyrian, Egyptians and Medes costumes in pre-Christian times.

Ancient Egyptian costumes. Pharaoh dress. Assyrian, Medes Costumes.

Assyrians, Medes and Egyptians costumes

Assyrian, Egyptians and Medes Costumes in pre-Christian times.

Top row left: Dress of the Assyrian High Priest. Assyrian king. Right: Noble Medes clothing.
Bottom row left: Clothing of a noble Egyptian, Egyptian Queen and distinguished Egyptian. Right: Clothing of Egyptian court official, King (Pharaoh) and fan carrier of the king.

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Costumes of Assyrians, Medes and Persians in ancient times.

Costumes of Assyrians, Medes and Persians. Ancient warriors dress. Persian warriors

Ancient Assyrian, Persian, Medes

Costumes of Assyrians, Medes and Persians in ancient times.

Top row left: Assyrian man of the people. Noble Assyrian. Assyrian court officials. Right: Assyrian warriors with stand shield. Assyrian warrior with hand shield. Assyrian archer.
Bottom row left: Persian warrior. Distinguished Persian. Persian archer. Right: Aristocratic Medes. Noble Persian. Persian.

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Assyrian, Babylonian costume history. Mesopotamia.


Mesopotamian city. Ancient Assyrian Palaces of Nineveh

Restoration of the Palaces on the Western Side of the Platform of Nineveh at the River Tigris.

Assyrian and Babylonian culture. Mesopotamia. Costume History.

Babylonian and Assyrian dress by Horst Kohler

Babylonian and Assyrian dress, although simple in cut, like that with which we have hitherto dealt, had reached a high degree of excellence in respect of material and Continue reading

Assyrian warriors with large Stand Shield.

Ancient Assyrian military, soldiers costumes and dresses

Assyrian warriors

Ancient Assyrian warriors with large Stand Shield. Warrior with Hand Shield. Archer.

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Assyrian dresses 2000 BC. Citizens, nobility and court official.

Ancient Assyrian costumes and dresses

Assyrian citizens, nobility and court official

Ancient assyrian citizens, nobility and court official.

Published by Münchner Kostüm Bilder (Munich costume pictures)

Assyrian High Priest and King clothing

Ancient Assyrian costumes. King crown, weapons, armour. Priest tiara.

Assyrian High Priest and King

Ancient Assyrian costumes. High Priest and King.

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  1. Assyrian and Babylonian culture. Costume History, Decoration. Characteristic elements of style.
  2. Ancient Costumes of the Persians, Medes, Assyrians and other Asiatics.