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Chinese soldier costume, 1843.

Chinese soldier costume. Traditional China military clothing. Asian army dress

Chinese soldier.

Chinese soldier costume.

Soldat Chinois, 1843. 

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Archer of the flying dragons with cross-bow.

Ancient Chinese military costumes. The Archer, flying dragons. Cross-bow, Bowmen.

The Archer.

Ancient Chinese military. Archer of the flying dragons with cross-bow.

So wrote the old poet, Drayton, of robin Hood and his merry men-traditions of whose deeds yet abound in the neighbourhood of Sherwood Forest. Continue reading

A Tatar Tiger Guard of the Chinese Emperor.

Tartar Tiger Guard costume. Chinese military dress. Ancient elite soldier.

Tartar Tiger Guard

A Tatar Tiger Guard of the Chinese Emperor.

The Tatar soldiers form the garrison of towns; and they are, in an especial manner the guards of the emperor. In each town they are under a general, who is independent of the officer who commands outside the walls. He has two adjutants attached to his command: they are called Too-tung; and one is denominated “right,” the other “left,” from their taking command of the left and right wings of the army. The general himself is named Tseang-keun; he has the head of a tiger embroidered on his outward dress, and wears a peacock’s feather, with three eyes. This officer is always a member of the provincial council; and frequently acts independently of the civic authorities. Continue reading

The Taotai. Chinese Governor of Kashgar.

Traditional Chinese Governor costume. The Taotai of Kashgar. Ancient Chinese soldier.

Taotai of Kashgar

Chinese Governor of Kashgar. The Taotai of Kashgar.

A Chinese provincial Governor seated in front of his felt tent, accompanied by a soldier of his suite. Photograph by Prince Alexander Gagarine 1900.

From the book: Living Races of Mankind. A popular illustrated account of the customs, habits, pursuits, feasts, and ceremonies of the races of mankind throughout the world by Henry Neville Hutchinson (1856-1927), John Walter Gregory and Richard Lydekke. Published by Hutchinson & Co. Paternoster Row, London 1902.