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German gothic fashion, 15th century

German gothic fashion. 15th century. Burgundy costumes

German fashion 1460 -1500

German gothic fashion 1460 – 1500

Burgundian fashion era.

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Women and children costume from 1470.

children costume, gothic costumes. 15th century fashion. Middle ages fashion

Women and children costume from the second half of the 15th century

Women and children costume from 1470.

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Iron Gloves, gauntlets of the 15th century.

Iron Gloves, gauntlets. 15th century. Middle ages armor

Iron Gloves, gauntlets (1460-1500)

Iron Gloves of the 15th century.

Iron gloves, gauntlets (1460-1500) from the palace of Count Törring Jettenbach-Jettenbach, Germany.

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Costume of a sutler in the transition from the 16th to 17th century

Sutler costume. victualer, civilian merchant 16th century. Baroque fashion.

Sutler or victualer

Costume of a German sutler by Peter Breughel.

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Italian gothic costumes 15th century.

Italian gothic costumes. Medieval fashion 15th century. Burgundy fashion era.

Italian costumes 1460 – 1500.

Italian Gothic costumes 1460 – 1500.

Medieval Gothic, Burgundy fashion era.

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Burgundian type portrait with characteristic headgear.

Burgundian turban headgear. 15th century fashion. Gothic costumes

Burgundian characteristic headgear 1460 – 1500

Burgundian type portrait of the 15th century.

Burgundian characteristic headgear 1460 – 1500.

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Late 15th century gothic costumes 1460 – 1500

Middle ages fashion. Burgundy costumes. Gothic fashion era

Woman Costume 1640 1500

Late 15th century gothic costumes 1460 – 1500.

Middle ages, Gothic fashion era.

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Court messenger and peasant costumes, 15th century.

Court messenger, peasant costumes. 15th century fashion. Medieval gothic, burgundy fashion history.

Court messenger and peasant 1460 – 1500

Court messenger and peasant costumes, 1460 – 1500.

Medieval gothic, burgundy fashion history.

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The Schaller. Helmet and neck cover from the 15th century.

The Schaller. Middle ages helmet. 15th century armor.

The Schaller. 1460 – 1500.

The Schaller. 1460 – 1500.

Helmet and neck cover (beard hood) from the 15th century.

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Herald and lansquenet 1510-1550. Renaissance era.

Herald, lansquenet, Mercenaries baggy breeches. 16th century costumes. Renaissance fashion.

Herald and lansquenet 1510-1550.

Herald and lansquenet fashion 1510-1550.

Dresden, drawings cabinet. German Renaissance era 16th century.

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