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Brittany traditional embroidery patterns.

Brittany traditional, embroidery pattern, Breton, folk dress

Traditional embroidery pattern of Brittany 19th century

Brittany traditional embroidery patterns.

Traditional embroidery patterns and common accessories of the Breton inhabitants of Brittany, France, throughout the 19th century. Continue reading

Embroidery from the Caucasus, Greece, Indian Melicete tribe. 19th century.

Embroidery, Caucasus, Greece, American Natives. Indian Melicete tribe

Embroidery from the Caucasus, Greece, American Natives.

Embroidery from the Caucasus, Greece.

  1. Circassian embroidered Saddle-Cloth. 2. Embroidered dress, Greece. Hand-work of the North-American Indian Melicete tribe. Continue reading