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Medieval costume history. The period between the end of antiquity and the beginning of modern times about the 6th to the 15th century. It includes as superordinate, the Byzantine, Merovingian, Carolingian and Burgundian costume eras. Therein are the Gallic, Celtic, English-Saxon, Normans, Gothic, Romanesque included.

Florentine lady from the 13th century.

Florentine lady, 13th century fashion, Medieval dress, Italy

Florentine lady from the 13th century

Florentine lady from the 13th century. Medieval fashion in Italy.

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Time of Charles VI. Duchess of Brittany.

Duchess costume. Charles VI. Medieval costumes. Gothic fashion. Burgundy modes

Duchess of Brittany.

Duchess of Brittany costume. Time of Charles VI the Beloved  (1368-1422)

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French lady costume. Time of King Charles VIII

French lady costume. King Charles VIII. Renaissance costumes. Medieval clothing.

French lady costume at the time King Charles VIII

French lady at the time King Charles VIII., 15th century.

Late gothic, renaissance fashion era.
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French Fashion History 1270 – 1350. The Crusaders.

Crusader, Outremer, Knights religious, orders, middle ages,

Crusaders and Outremer during the 12th and 13th century

The influence of the Crusaders in the 13th to 14th century to the French clothing.

1270 to 1350


Severity of feminine costume – Long gowns and gimps – Marguerite of Provence – “Fermaux” – Reappearance of splendor in dress – Eastern customs – The priests of fashion – Haberdashery and peacock-feathers – Female embroiderers – Taste for embroidery – Continual temptations – Earliest sumptuary laws – Furs – St. Louis’s opinion on dress – Prohibitions by Philippe le Bel; speech made by his wife – Crépine. Continue reading

French noblewoman costume in 14th century.

French Noblewoman. 14th century clothing. Middle ages costumes. gothic dress. Burgundy fashion era.

French Noblewoman costume in 1350

French Noblewoman in 1350.

Court of the French King Jean II. (frz. Jean II. le Bon; 1319-1364).

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14th century clothing of German and English nobility

14th, century, Germany, England, nobility, costumes, Lord,Duchess, fashion history

14th century clothing

14th century clothing of German and English Nobility

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12th and 13th century clothing. Crusaders, Outremer.

Middle ages, Crusaders, Outremers,Monastic, costumes, Chivalry, military

12th and 13th century Crusaders, Outremer

12th and 13th century clothing: Crusaders, Outremer

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Costumes of the 12th century. Monastic, Nobility, Citizens, Knights.

Monastic, Nobility, Citizens, Knight, middle ages cavalry. Tournament, 12th century, military costumes, Chivalry,

Costumes of the 12th century

Costumes of the 12th century. Monastic, Nobility, Citizens, Knights.

Fashion during the middle ages. Byzantine, Gothic, Burgundy costume era.

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The Mitre of the bishop of Limerick, Ireland.

Limerick Mitre, Catholic, Bishop, Mitre, costume, middle ages

The Limerick Mitre

The Limerick Mitre.

Dresses and Decorations of the Middle Ages by Henry Shaw
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Pyrrhus Receiving the Honor of Knighthood

Pyrrhus. Medieval knight. Middle ages. Tapestry. Knighthood.

Pyrrhus Receiving the Honor of Knighthood

Pyrrhus Receiving the Honor of Knighthood

BEASONS of considerable force are adduced by M. Jubinal, in his splendid work on Early Tapestries, for believing that the Tapestry from which the accompanying plate is taken, was made in the earlier part of the fifteenth century. 

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