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Host of a Black bar in the north of Brazil

Brazil, Host, Black, Negro, costume, Moritz LambergHost of a Black bar in the north of Brazil

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Botokuden. Indians from south-east Brazil.

Botokuden, Aymoré, Krenak, Brazil, natives

Aymoré or Botokuden.

Botokuden or Aymoré people

Indians from south-east Brazil.

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Maxuruna. Brazilian indigenous tribesman.

Maxuruna,  facial piercings, Jaguar people, Brazil, Matis indians, Maxuruna, indigenous tribesman,

Maxuruna. A Brazil indigenous tribesman of the Matis indians, known as Jaguar people.

Maxuruna. Peruvian indigenous tribesman.

From the journey undertaken by the author with Johann Baptist Ritter von Spix (1781-1826), between 1817 and 1820. South America, 19th century.

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Brazilian merchants ride to Rio de Janeiro.

Brazilian merchants costumes. Riding dress

Brazilian merchants

Brazilian merchants ride to the market at Barra da Tijuca in Rio de Janeiro, 19th c..

Caravane de marchands allant a Tijuca.

Source: L’Univers, Histoire et description de tous les peuples, Paris.

African people from Bahia Brazil in 1840.

Latin america African people dress. Traditional Brazil Bahia costumes.

African people from Bahia Brazil.

African people from Bahia Brazil in 1840.

From the book: Natural History and pictures of the people and the different races and tribes according to the latest discoveries and most exquisite original research, edited by HR Schinz. Honeggersche Lithographic Institute, 3. Advanced ed. 1845 Zurich

Botocudos Brazil. Aimoré or Nac-nanuk tribe.

Tratitional Nac-nanuk costumes. Botocudos clothing. Brazil tribe

The Aimoré. Botocudos Family Brazil

Aimoré or Nac-nanuk. Botocudos Family from Brazil in 1840.

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