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The Wife of a Cossack of the Don, and a Girl of Tscherkassk.

Don Cossacks costumes. Starotscherkassk. Traditional Russian national costume

The Wife of a Cossack of the Don, and a Girl of Tscherkassk.

The Wife of a Cossack of the Don, and a Girl of Tscherkassk.

La Femme d’un Cosaque du Don, et une Fille de Tscherkassk.

DURING the last twenty years, Tscherkassk, the capital of the Cossacks of the Don, has been considerably enlarged and ornamented with many beautiful private houses, inhabited by Cossack officers who have been invested by their sovereign with honours and titles; but the narrow and irregular streets of this city, the confined situation of its buildings, most of which have not even the convenience of a yard, and the annual inundations in spring, all conspire to render it extremely unwholesome, and for ever to prevent any effectual improvements. It is also impossible to speak favourably of the moral character of its inhabitants, of either sex. A continual habit of good living, indolence, and debauchery, have thoroughly corrupted their manners; and their ancient simplicity has been almost entirely superseded by luxury. Continue reading