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A Woman of Esthonia. Traditional Esthonian folk costume.

Traditional Esthonian folk costume. Baltic folk dress. Russian national clothing

A Woman of Esthonia.

A Woman of Esthonia. Esthonian folk costume.

Une Esthonienne.

THE Esthonians vary in exterior appearance and stature, but, in general, they strongly resemble the inhabitants of Finland. The state of oppression in which they live, their poverty, their education, and their general habits of life, have inured them to the severity of the climate, to indigence and humiliation. They are of a lazy disposition, dirty, and drunkards. The women undergo fewer hardships than the men, and are not deficient in beauty or vanity.
The men dress like the peasantry of Finland, excepting that all of them do not suffer the beard to grow. The dress of, the females is pretty, and, very much resembles that of the women of Sclavonia. Continue reading