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A Kamchadale in his Winter Dress.

Traditional Kamtchatka folk dress. Russian national costume

A Kamchadale in his Winter Dress.

A Kamchadale in his Winter Dress.

Un Kamtchadale en Habit d’Hiver. 

A CHAIN of stony and barren mountains, extending from the fifty-first to the sixty-second degree of north latitude, forms the peninsula of Kamtchatka. Destitute of a soil capable of cultivation, and exposed to the severest frosts during the summer, it is neither capable of nourishing troops, nor of rewarding the toils of the labourer. The Kamchadals call themselves Itelmanns, that is to say, inhabitants. They have long been established in these gloomy territories. They have no traditions respecting their origin. They consider their country as the happiest region on the face of the globe, and themselves the favourites of the Gods, the most fortunate of mortals. Continue reading

Woman from Kamtschatka in ordinary dress

Traditional Kamtschatka folk dress. Russian national costume

A Kamtschadale in his ordinary Dress.

A Kamchadale in his ordinary Dress.

Un Kamtchadale en habit ordinaire.

WHEN we consider the natural productions of Kamchatka, and the severity of the climate of this peninsula, some idea may easily be formed of the clothing of its inhabitants. Their dresses are made of rein-deer skins, which they procure of the Koriaks in exchange, and of the skins of birds, dogs, and the sea-calf. Continue reading

Traditional Kamtschatka Holiday Dress

Traditional Kamtschatka Holiday Dress. Russian national costume

A Woman of Kamschatka in her Holiday Dress.

Traditional Kamtschatka Holiday Dress.

Une Kamchadale en Habit de Fête.

THE Kamtchadale seldom chooses a wife from among the females who dwell in the same hut with himself. He repairs to the one which contains the object of his affection, he solicits the happiness of labouring for her parents, and uses every exertion to give them a favourable opinion of his zeal and activity. Continue reading

A Woman of Kamtschatka in her richest Apparel.

Traditional Kamchatka Peninsula folk dress. Russian national costume

A Woman of Kamschatka in her richest Apparel.

A Woman of Kamtschatka in her richest Apparel.

Une Kamtchadale dans sa plus grande Parure.

But, notwithstanding the difficulties mentioned in the preceding description, the lover has not yet passed through all the formalities necessary to secure him the title of husband: for in Kamschatka, by a singular custom, the marriage is not celebrated till after its consummation. Continue reading

Woman from Kamtschatka, Russia 1840

Kamtschatka costume. east asian costumes. Traditional Russian national costume

Woman from Kamtschatka

Woman from Kamtschatka, Russia 1840

From the book: Mœurs, usages et costumes de tous les peuples du monde, d’après des documents and authentiques et les voyages des plus récents; (1843)
Author: Auguste Wahlen, 1785-1850
Engrapher: François Pannemaker 1822-1900

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