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Historical Netherlands Dutch costumes, 1850s.

Traditional Dutch costumes. Netherlands national folk costume.

Costumes from Netherlands Dutch.

Historical Netherlands Dutch costumes, 1850s.

Gallery: Les nations. Album des Costumes De Tous les Pays. Par Alexandre Lacauchie.
Paris. Maison Martinet. Haute Cœur frères 41, Rue Vivienne et 146, Rue de Rivoli 1850s.

Friesland Costumes 1860.

Münchner Bilderbogen. Friesland Folk dresses. Traditional Netherland national costumes

Peasant Girl and Farmer from Biölkaspel. Peasant woman from Osterfeld. About 1860.

Friesland Costumes 1860

Girl from the Biölkaspel. Farmer from Biölkaspel. Farmer from Osterfeld. North Friesland (Older costumes)

Münchner Bilderbogen. Friesland Folk dresses from Foehr, Romoe, Wyk. Traditional Netherland national costumes

Peasant women from the island of Foehr; Romoe, Wyk (Foehr)

Peasant woman from the island of Foehr; Peasant woman from Romoe, from Wyk (Foehr)

On the history of costumes. From Ancient to the 19th century. 97th sheet. Northern Germany.
Munich illustrated broadsheet. Single sheet prints. 1st edition. Printing of the Royal Court and university printing office of Dr. C. Wolf & Sohn in Munich. Eds., And published by Braun & Schneider Munich.


Maid in Friesland folk costume 1843.

Maid in Friesland folk costume. Traditional Netherlands national costumes. Dutch Ethnic garment.

Maid of Friesland. Netherlands.

Maid in Friesland folk costume 1843.

Demoiselle de la Frise. Pays-Bas. Traditional Netherlands national costume.
Gallery: Manners, customs and costumes of all peoples of the world, based on authentic documents and and newer travel  by Auguste Wahlen.

Holland Fisherman costume from Schokland Zuiderzèe, 1860.

Holland Fisherman in Schokland Zuiderzèe clothing. Traditional Dutch national costume. Netherlands folk dress

Fisherman from Schokland Zuiderzèe Holland.

Holland Fisherman costume from Schokland Zuiderzèe.

Belgique, Hollande Nº9 Pêcheur de l’île de Schokland (Zuiderzée).

Gallery: Folk dresses from Norway, Dutch, Germany and Hungaria.

Netherlands costumes from Axel, Zeeuws-Vlaanderen, province Zeeland.

Netherlands traditional costumes. Women`s and mens clothing and Children's dress.


Traditional Netherlands costumes from Axel, Zeeuws Vlaanderen, province Zeeland.

Traditional Netherlands Costumes by Gratiane de Gardilanne and Elizabeth Whitney Moffatt; Published by George G. Harrap & Co. Ltd., London 1912.