Traditional Switzerland National Costumes

Costumes suisses nationaux.

Swiss costumes of 22 cantons.

Traditional Switzerland National Costumes. Costumes suisses nationaux.


Swiss Costumes sorted by Canton. Costumes suisse triés par canton.

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Peasant women in the costumes from Canton of Lucerne.
Peasant women from Canton of Lucerne. Switzerland national costumes. Gallery: Costumes Suisses de... Read more
1865 • 19th Century • Switzerland • Traditional
Canton of Lucerne • Traditional Switzerland costumes
ARMED PEASANT Of the Ciudad Rodrigo Militia. Spain 1808
ARMED PEASANT Of the Ciudad Rodrigo Militia. CIUDAD Rodrigo is a city in the province of Salamanc... Read more
1808 • 19th Century • Military • Spain • Traditional
The War in the Peninsula
Girl in traditional folk dress from Blekinge, Sweden 1860.
Girl from Blekinge, Sweden 1860. Gallery: "Sheets for costume design: historical and folk costume... Read more
1876 • 19th Century • Scandinavia • Sweden • Traditional
Lipperheide • Traditional Sweden Costumes
Girl in folk dress from Lower Saxony
Girl in folk dress from Denkte at Wolfenbüttel, Lower Saxony Germany. Gallery: "Sheets for costu... Read more
19th Century • Germany • Traditional
Lipperheide • Traditional German Costumes
Costume Sergeant Swiss Guard of the Pope
Costume Sergeant Swiss Guard of the Pope 1834. Sergent Suisse de la Garde du Pape. Gallery: Man... Read more
19th Century • Military • Switzerland • Traditional
Traditional Switzerland costumes
The Mellon Seller. Indian Character.
The Mellon Seller This picture represents a woman of the Kulmbi caste, who is not by any means to... Read more
19th Century • Asia • India • Traditional
Traditional India costumes
Shepherds of the plains of Leon in their winter clothing
SHEPHERDS OF THE PLAINS OF LEON, In their Winter Clothing. THE dress of the Shepherds here repres... Read more
1808 • 19th Century • Spain • Traditional
The War in the Peninsula
Traditional Gurkha Farmer costume c. 1910.
Traditional Gurkha Farmer costume c. 1910. Gurkha Farmer with baskets and goat in Nepal Gallery:... Read more
10s • 20th Century • Asia • India • Traditional
Nepal traditional costume

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