14th century clothing of German and English nobility

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14th century clothing

14th century clothing of German and English Nobility

Medieval fashion.

Upper half of the picture: German castle residents. Noble lady and knight in hunting dress. German nobleman and citizen.
Lower half of the picture: English Duchess with court ladies. English Lord with Page and nobleman.

Source: “On the history of costumes”. Munich pictures sheets. Published by Braun & Schneider, Munich c.1858 -1898s. (Münchener Bilderbogen)

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  1. Dear 2013 World4EU,

    I would like to refer to some of the costume plates on your blog. Please tell me the best way I can find the proper references (e.g. Braun & Scheider,etc.) so that I can use some of these styles. I am a fantasy children’s book author & illustrator(unpublished). I will not republish these works. I am only interested in using the historical styles to illustrate from for my book.

    -Breton Kaiser-Shinn

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