18th century rococo shoe fashion of Mrs Woodcock.

18th century rococo shoe fashion. Vintage High Heels. Boho style.

Mrs Woodcock’s Shoe

18th century rococo shoe fashion.


THIS shoe belonged to Anna Frances (1717-1800), wife of Walter Woodcock (1710-1794), and daughter of William Lea (1677-1741), of Halesowen Grange, Shropshire, by Frances, his wife, grand-daughter of Edward Ward, Lord Dudley, and Frances his wife, daughter of Sir William Brereton, Bart. Mrs Woodcock was consequently great-grand-daughter of Frances, Lady Dudley, and lived in the beginning of the last century. The stuff of which the shoe is composed is fine-spotted silk brocade of a yellowish colour, and ornamented with a pattern of pale blue silk embroidery above the toe. The shoe was worn with a buckle, has a small heel and round pointed toe.

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