Ancient Paris as a Celtic, Gaelic settlement.

Ancient Paris as a Celtic, Gaelic settlement. Lutetia.

Ancient Paris. Parisian settlers.

Ancient Paris.

Parisian settlers. Ancient Paris as a Celtic, Gaelic settlement.

The history of Paris goes back over 2000 years. During this time, developed the place of the Celtic settlement Lutetia of the tribe of the Parisii to today’s metropolis and capital of France. The Grandes Chroniques de France lead the founding of the city back to the Trojan Paris, should have as Romulus founded Rome, the great-grandson Brutus Britain and France Francus. During the Revolution, the Civil Jullian wore in the Café Procope, the Phrygian Cap with reference to the mythological founder of the city.

Les colons parisiens peuvent avoir une maison, une famille, un pécule. 

(Ancient Egypt, Minoan, Assyria, Roman, Levante fashion history)

The Fabric of Civilization: How Textiles Made the World Paperback – December 7, 2021
by Virginia Postrel (Author)

From Neanderthal string to 3D knitting, an “expansive” global history that highlights “how textiles truly changed the world” (Wall Street Journal)

  1. Assyrian and Babylonian culture and fashion.
  2. Egyptian costume history.
  3. Minoan costume history.
  4. The Amazons.
  5. Ancient Roman costume history. B.C. 53 to A.D. 450..
  6. Ancient Costumes of the Persians and other Asiatics.
  7. Ancient Costume History of Egyptian, Greek, Roman and others.
  8. The Roman Tunica or Greek Chiton.
  9. The Roman Paenula. The cowl or hood.
  10. On the origin of the pants by Max Marcuse
  11. The Toga and the manner of wearing it.
  12. The Gallic and Gallo-Roman costume period.
  13. The shields of the Gauls. Clans in the Roman Empire.
  14. The Barbarian Invasions. The Migration Period in Europe, 395-527 A. D.
  15. Roman legionary in full armor.
  16. Roman Britain. Maps, Places, Tribes. Historical atlas.
  17. Celt and Roman. History of England 43 BC to 440 AD.
  18. Gallic and Gallo-Roman helmets of Celtic warriors.
  19. The Roman Paenula. The cowl or hood.
  20. Roman, Greece and Egypt. The Corset and the Crinolin fashion history.
  21. Frankish Merovingian costume history. 4th and 5th century.
  22. Byzantine costume history. 5th to 6th century.
  23. The Carolingian fashion period 752-987. Reign of Charlemagne.
  24. The Carolingian Fashion Period 987 to 1270.
  25. Europe in the time of Charles the Great 768 – 814. Maps and Places.
  26. Alfred the Great. The first English king.
  27. King Harold II. Last Anglo-Saxon king of England.
  28. Monachism. Monastic costumes history.

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