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A Laplander in traditional folk dress.

A man of Lapland in traditional dress. Scandinavian folk costume

A Laplander.

A Laplander in traditional folk dress.

Un Lapon.

THE Laplanders are of the middling stature; the greater part have flat faces, sunk cheeks, dark grey eyes, thin beard, straight brown hair, and a yellowish brown complexion, occasioned by the air, the smoke, and their want of cleanliness. Their mode of life renders them robust and active; they are, nevertheless, addicted to idleness. Their understanding is of the common cast: in general they are peaceable, submissive to their superiors, honest, sincere, and lively in society; but suspicious, deceitful in their traffick, and proud of their country and constitution. Continue reading

A Woman of Lapland in traditional dress.

A Woman of Lapland in traditional dress. Scandinavian folk costume

A Woman of Lapland.

A Woman of Lapland in traditional dress.

Une Lapone.

THE Lapland Women are short, but often well formed, obliging, modest, and extremely irritable. ‘Their trowsers, shoes, doublets and close coats, are similar to those worn by the men; but the girdle, to which they append their instruments for smoking, is generally embroidered with brass wire. The cape of’ their coats reaches higher than that of the men. Besides these, they wear neck-handkerchiefs, and small aprons made of Russia linen painted, rings on their fingers and also in their ears; to the latter they some-times hang two or three rows of silver chains. Sometimes they wear caps plaited like turbans, and sometimes they arc made to fit close to the head: they are always ornamented with brass wire, or strips of cloth of different colours. Continue reading

Traditional Lapps and Eskimo dresses.

Traditional Sami clothing. Lapland Folk Costumes. Traditional Eskimo dress

Lapps and Esquimaux

Mongol Race – Lapps and Esquimaux clothing.

From left: 1.2. Swedish Lapps. 3.4. Norwegian Lapps. 5.6. Esquimaux from Victoria Land. 7. Esquimaux from Cape Barrow.

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