An Inhabitant of the Isle of Symi (Sömbeki).

Isle of Symi clothing. Traditional Turkish dress. Ottoman Empire costume.

An Inhabitant of the Isle of Symi.

An Inhabitant of the Isle of Symi (Sömbeki).

SIMIA or Symi, is one of the numerous islands scattered all over the Archipelago. It is at a very small distance from the Asiatic coast, and a little to the north of the island of Rhodes. Most of these island, were formerly the cause of frequent wars, and were sometimes subject to one power, sometimes to another, and many of them were often also independent of all. They have now, however, for a great length of time, been subject to the Turkish government, which derives an annual tribute from each of them. It has been remarked before, that the dress of the women in many of these Islands was extremely picturesque and becoming. The present, perhaps, is only partially so, on account of the concealment of the lower part of the face; as well as on account of the form of the body, which is too undeterminate, and therefore appears ill-formed.

Detail: The costume of Turkey by Octavian Dalvimart.

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