Egyptian costumes in 1850. Bedouin, Slave girl and Egyptian woman.

Traditional arabian clothing for man and women. Egyptian Female dresses Niqab, Kufiyya and Jilbab

Bedouin, Slave and Egyptian woman.

Traditional Egyptian costumes in 1850. Young Bedouin musican, Female slave and Egyptian woman.

A young Bedouin (The name comes from the Arabic, بدوي  Badawi and means – not sedentary) with Kufiyya, Jilbab and jacket. He plays the ancient stringed instrument Rababa (Rebaba).
In the background is a Nubian slave girl. She is wearing a caftan over a light of woolen dress. Their headdress represents a turban.
Right shows an Egyptian woman in street clothes. She wears an ornate scarf around the edges, the niqab, a type of coat-like garment known as the abaya over.

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