Indian Hindu in their typical costumes. Caucasian Race.

Indian hindu costumes. Coolie clothing. Brahmin costume. Kamathi dress. Baishnoo of Allahabad


Indian Hindu in their typical costumes.

Caucasian Race: Hindus.

1. Brahmin, Konkanastha Caste (Deccan & Konkan). 2. Young Lady, Deshashta Caste (Deccan). 3. Rajpoot or Rajput (Inhabitant of northern and central India. Hindu military caste.). 4. Coolie of Western India. 5. Pasce, Low Caste Hindu (Oude). 6. Brahmin Pundit, a Baishnoo of Allahabad. 7. Kamathi Woman. A Soodra of Tailanga (A member of the lowest of the four major castes of traditional Indian society, comprising artisans, laborers, and menials. Relating to the caste of Sudras.).

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