Woman costume from Marino, region Lazio, Italy.

Italy folk dress. Marino, region Lazio. Italia national costume.

Woman costume from Marino, region Lazio, Italy in 1840.

Woman costume from Marino, region Lazio, Italy in 1840.

Marino (Marino Laziale also) is a town in the Alban Hills above the Alban Lake, 23 km southeast of Rome. The old town of Marino is located on the rim of the caldera of an extinct volcano above the Alban Lake. The municipal territory extends to the level of the Campagna Romana.

From the book: Nuova Raccolta dei principali Costumi di Roma e suoi Contorni Roma Presso l’Editore e Calcografo Tommas Cuccioni Negoziante di Stampe ed Oggetti di Belle Arte Via della Croce N. 88. Rome, 1840-50. Engraved by Salvatore Marroni.

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