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Contrary to many assertions began the Scots only in modern times, in the 19th century on, to wear tartans as a sign of clan membership. Also the “Great, belted blanket” is an invention of the late Renaissance, and the kilt of the modern era. The first documented plaids from the 16th century are monochrome. In Scotland, the same clothes was in the Middle Ages worn as on the mainland, ie until the early Gothic Germanic slacks and tunics, and then Cotte and leg warmers.

Rob Roy parting Rashleigh and Francis Osbaldistone

Rob Roy. Scottish folk hero and outlaw

Rob Roy Parting Duellists Rashleigh and Francis Osbaldistone

Rob Roy parting Rashleigh and Francis Osbaldistone.

FRANCIS OSBALDISTONE meets bis cousin Rashleigh in a duel. “… Eager for revenge, i grappled with my enemy, with the purpose of running him through the body. Our death-grapple was interrupted by a man who forcibly threw himself between us, and pushing us separate from each other, exclaimed in a loud and commanding voice: ‘ By the hand of my father, I will cleave to the brisket the first man that mints another stroke!’ Continue reading