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Ancient Costume and Fashion History. Egypt, Greek, Roman, Amazon, Assyrian, MinoanPersian.

The French fashion history.

French fashion history

MerowingianCarolingian. Middle Ages. Burgundy court clothing. Renaissance. Baroque. Louis XIV. Louis XV. Louis XVI. The court of Marie Antoinette. French Revolution fashion. Empire costume period. Fin de Siècle. Art deco costume period.


THE GALLERY OF FASHION by Nicholas von Heideloff
England Georgian and early regency period costumes and fashion

Detail evening dresses. October 1796.

First vintage of the famous English fashion magazine, THE GALLERY OF FASHION. Edited by Nicholas von Heideloff, London.  First released April 1794. It is considered one of the finest in the history of fashion magazines. In the following, the galleries are displayed as images overview.
Gallery of Fashion Vol. 1,. April 1794 To March 1795.
Gallery of Fashion Vol. 2,. April 1795 To March 1796.
Gallery of Fashion Vol. 3,. April 1796 To March 1797.

 COSTUME OF TURKEY. Ottoman Empire Costume in 1800.

In over thirty colored illustrated drawings in detail and unpretentious a cross section of Ottoman society is presented. It allows a first insight into the internal organization of the Ottoman Empire. Shown are dignitaries and their position as well as ordinary citizens. The book was published in 1802 in London.

Traditional Carian Anatolia costume, 1843.
Traditional Carian Anatolia costume, 1843. Gallery: Asian costumes by Auguste Wahlen. Manners, cu... Read more
A Turkish woman indoor costume. Constantinople 1902.
A Turkish woman indoor costume from Constantinople, 1902. From the book: Living Races of Mankind.... Read more
Traditional Turkey costumes 1850s.
Traditional Turkey costumes 1850s. Ottoman Empire. Gallery: Les nations. Album des Costumes De T... Read more

NOTHNG, says the Chevalier D’Ohsson in his valuable inquiry concerning the Ottoman Empire ought to be considered as more interesting than an acquaintance with different nations. Their religion, their history, their manners, and their customs, are worthy of the attention of every one. The more considerable a nation is in itself, the more connections it has with others, the more important its political situation, the more it deserves to be known, both by its neighbours, and those countries connected with its government or commerce. … Read More

Traditional Clothing of Asia. With a focus on India, Japan and China.

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Paris fashion – Art deco period 1922

Les Créations Parisiennes. French Art Deco Fashion. 1920s. Flapper Costumes

Les Créations Parisiennes.

Les “Chapeaux du Très Parisien” 1921 Vol.1
Les “Chapeaux du Très Parisien” 1921 Vol.2

Les Collections de la rue de la Paix. Chapeaux Nouveaux.

See here an overview of the hat models of the First and Second Edition, including the original introduction, of the famous Paris magazine, Les “Chapeaux du Très Parisien”  from the 1920’s. Read More

Paris Art deco period 1929

“Les créations parisiennes. La mode est un art”.
Editors: Maggy Rouff and Germaine Lecomte.
Published: Paris 1929.

(Costume Description in French) 

Costume and Fashion history during the “Middle Ages”

Middle ages tournament. Knights in Armor. Renaissance soldiers.

Knights jousting tournament

Reign of Charlemagne – The women of the tenth century wear two tunics – Gothic period – A veil is obligatory – Charles the Bald – Agnes Sorel  – The Escoffion – The “hennin” gains the victory – Knights, Crusaders, Tournaments – The Court – Burgundian period 

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