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Ancient Costume History: Egypt, Greek, Roman, Amazon, Assyrian, MinoanPersian.

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Minoan, Greece, Greek, ancient, Costume history, Fashion history, costumes
Ancient Assyria clothing. Assyrian King, Warrior costumes.
Ancient amazon costume history. Female warriors. Soldiers of antiquity.
Ancient Greek costumes and clothing. The Peplos. Antique Greece dressing and clothes.
Ancient Roman costume, history,

The history of clothing and manners from ancient to modern times. Fashion and costume history sorted by country, century and subject from all around the world.

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Century Costumes


Century Costumes


Century Costumes


Century Costumes


Century Costumes


Century Costumes


Century Costumes


Century Costumes


Century Costumes


Century Costumes


Century Costumes


Century Costumes


Century Costumes


Century Costumes


Century Costumes


Century Costumes


Century Costumes

The French fashion history

French fashion history

MerowingianCarolingian.Middle Ages. Burgundy court clothing. Renaissance. Baroque.Louis XIV.Louis XV. Louis XVI.The court of Marie Antoinette.French Revolution fashion. Empire costume period. Fin de Siècle.Art deco costume period.

Rococo fashion history. Marie Antoinette costumes.18th century costumes.
Regency fashion. Jane Austen costumes. Neoclassical costumes.
Victorian fashion history. 19th century fashion. The crinoline fashion

THE GALLERY OF FASHION by Nicholas von Heideloff

England, regency fashion history

First vintage of the famous English fashion magazine, THE GALLERY OF FASHION. Edited by Nicholas von Heideloff, London.  First released April 1794. It is considered one of the finest in the history of fashion magazines. In the following, the galleries are displayed as images overview.

Gallery of Fashion Vol. 1,. April 1794 To March 1795.
Gallery of Fashion Vol. 2,. April 1795 To March 1796.
Gallery of Fashion Vol. 3,. April 1796 To March 1797.

England Georgian and early regency period costumes and fashion

Detail evening dresses. October 1796.

Romantic fashion era 1815 to 1850

Random selection

Asian Costume history with a focus on India, Japan and China.

Random selection:

Paris fashion – Art deco period 1922

Les Collections de la rue de la Paix. Chapeaux Nouveaux.

Les Créations Parisiennes. French Art Deco Fashion. 1920s. Flapper Costumes

Les Créations Parisiennes.

See here an overview of the hat models of the First and Second Edition, including the original introduction, of the famous Paris magazine, Les “Chapeaux du Très Parisien”  from the 1920’s.

Les “Chapeaux du Très Parisien” 1921 Vol.1
Les “Chapeaux du Très Parisien” 1921 Vol.2

Paris Art deco period 1929

“Les créations parisiennes. La mode est un art”.
Editors: Maggy Rouff and Germaine Lecomte.
Published: Paris 1929.

(Costume Description in French)

Costume history during the “Middle Ages”

Middle ages, tournament, Knights, costume history, fashion history

Medieval costume history